Katy Spring Services Expand to Include Heat Treating

In January 2006, Katy Spring & Mfg, Inc., added heat treatment services to its growing breadth of procedures for a variety of metals, including compression, torsion, extension and flat springs. It also added a second shift to its industrial plant and three new hires to keep accounting, customer service, and quality assurance at top standards.

Katy, TX (June 26, 2006) — Katy Spring & Mfg, Inc. is a custom metal forming company that continues to expand both its staff and its services as it moves into a new phase of development. In addition to compression, torsion, extension, and flat springs, Katy Spring now offers heat treating for industrial metal. It also added a second shift to its industrial plant and three new hires to keep accounting, customer service, and quality assurance at top standards.

Heat treating creates a variety of circumstances under which metals can be altered to serve particular functions in industrial projects. Katy Spring’s heat treating service includes age hardening, vacuum heat treatment, quench and tempering, and stress relieving in metal. The plant uses calibrated and surveyed large capacity ovens to meet the needs of each job with efficiency. With as little as a single day’s notice, the professional staff at Katy Spring can perform heat treating on a tight timeline.

With this prime new heat treating service expanding demand, Katy Spring has created a new work shift for plant employees and hired three new team players to help keep business running at its best. “In February 2006, we added a second shift to keep up with growth and maximize our machine capacity,” says Scott Pitney, President of Katy Spring.

Another move Katy Spring made this year to accommodate growth was the addition of three new hires. Laura Howard brings her numbers skills to the accounting department, while Cindy Frederich keeps the team moving as an office assistant and customer service representative. Jack Jennings has signed on as the new Quality Assurance Manager, who passed his ISO audit for high professional standards. The growing team at Katy Spring is a response to the strong demand for the company’s services in metal springs and heat treatments.

Katy Spring offers an informative website, katyspring.com, to its existing and potential customers. Internet users can browse through www.katyspring.com to view an online catalogue, find technical information, locate contact names and numbers, read customer testimonials, and to learn about the new heat treating services. In May 2006, Katy Spring passed its ISO certification, ensuring the public that it exceeds industry standards. With three new team members, an increase in production, and a brand new service, the company continues to grow at a rapid pace.

For more information about Katy Spring’s services in metal works, including new heat treatment services, or to inquire about new hires, please contact Scott Pitney at 281-391-1888 or visit www.katyspring.com.

Katy Spring & Mfg. Inc.