Presetting Springs

Presetting Springs

Compression springs and conical springs are sometimes preset to maintain function and their shape. When a spring is not designed to be over-stressed it can be deflected, causing it to not return to its original free length. When this happens, the springs in use are said to have reached a point of deflection beyond their elastic limit. In other words, it is stressed to a point where it cannot return to its original shape and thus original purpose. This may also be referred to as “taking a set” and can cause the spring to not be effective in its intended use.

Highly stressed springs are typically designed to be used in an environment where the spring will travel a short distance. Compressing these types of springs to solid should be avoided as much as possible due to this possibly causing the spring to not be functional. There are some compression springs that are designed to take a set. This will reduce stress and the chance of breakage. Springs can shorten up under load due to high stress conditions, allowing greater load capacity at higher load lengths. Springs may also be preset to ensure loads are met after the initial deflection. Presetting will make sure the spring maintains its form for its desired use. When customizing springs we always consider the design, space, proportions, and extra adjustments required to fulfill your order.

It’s more cost-effective for a customer to preset their own springs during assembly whenever possible to avoid additional labor costs incurred by a spring company presetting the springs and we will partner with you in order to find the best solutions for your business.

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