Many times customers try to purchase compression and extension springs “off the shelf”.

There is a perception that “off-the-shelf” springs allow for cost savings. To some extent this is true. And for this reason, Katy Spring offers a large selection of compression springs ( approximately 11,000 part numbers) as well as extension springs (approximately 7000 part numbers) for customers looking for something that is readily available. The springs can be found on the Katy Spring website;, by clicking on the large yellow star burst found on the home page. Searching the data base is simple and for people who like to web browse, this method of finding springs may be ideal.

In many cases, the time spent looking for just the right spring to serve an application simply doesn’t make sense. A customer may get so caught up in looking through several different catalogs that they end up spending more time looking for a part that already exists instead of providing the spring manufacturer with what they need from the start, loosing time and money.

Katy Spring and spring manufacturers can be very helpful in helping customers select a spring when a customer provides the spring manufacturer with as much information as they know about their unique application and let the spring manufacturer do the leg work. It’s also o.k. to ask the spring manufacturer to check the availability of a stock spring first, or provide any other information that will help save time and money.

So before embarking on a journey to save a few bucks on a compression, extension, or any other type of spring, ask a spring manufacturer for help – it’s what we do.

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