The Spring Manufacturers Institute (SMI) announced their release to upgrade the current spring design software version ASD 6.0.11. The upgrade is free to current users. The upgrade can be downloaded from

The changes included in the upgrade include:

  • Torsion Spring models have been overhauled in several key areas;
  • New variables were added for contact forces on each moment arm at each load condition.
  • Individual moment arm lengths are now specified in the geometry section of the power user form.
  • Estimated cycle life is now reported.

*Estimated cycle life is now being calculated in the torsion spring and compression spring programs.

The spring materials properties can now be viewed in metric.

Two material property values were changed:

  • The minimum tensile strength of flat phosphor bronze material had been incorrectly listed as 170000 psi and is now correctly listed at 107000 psi.
  • The bending modulus for Round Chrome Silicon wire had been incorrectly listed as 29869000 psi and is now 30000000.

Compression and Extension spring load algorithms were updated and additional caution messages were added.

A glossary was added to the online help.

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