Conical springs provide a commonly used solution for spring applications where there are length constraints. A common example where a conical spring is used is in a battery connection for a flash light. They are basically used in applications that require a spring to telescope, which is to say, when they compress, one coils fits inside the corresponding coil. They take up very little space, and when fully compressed, can often store as much energy as a regular compression spring.
The spring design software used by Katy Spring to assist with conical spring design (Advanced Spring Design 6 software from the Spring Manufacturer’s Institute) offers design verification, but simplifies the conical spring behavior into a linear equation or event.
The Spring Design and Validation 7 software from the Institute of Spring Technology verifies the accuracy of conical spring design, by taking into account nonlinear characteristics.
The spring software will perform calculations needed to assist customers with conical spring design as well as assist with determining space requirements for a conical spring application.
Katy Spring manufactures conical springs in endless types of materials and sizes.

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