Torsion Springs

The definition of torsion is a device that twists or rotates in a circular motion, hence the name torsion springs is a spring that works in a twisting or circular manner.

Most torsion spring applications require that the torsion spring be used in a preloaded assembly and under load, creates a torque effect that moves a device back to its unloaded position. A simple, common example is a mousetrap, which happens to typically be a double-bodied torsion spring (a right and left-hand wound torsion spring joined together as one unit).

Torsion springs are also used to control gravity’s effects. An example of this type of application can be found with trailer ramps, where the torsion spring assists in lowering the ramp without a violent drop caused by the weight of the door.

One of the most common uses of a torsion spring is in garage door or roll-up applications such as trailer tarp covers. With roll-up doors, torsion springs assist in lifting the door, much the same way in tarp roll-up applications where the torsion spring assists in rolling or unrolling the tarp, on or off, in order to cover the trailer.

Whatever the application, Katy Spring can assist with the design and manufacturing of an infinite variety of torsion springs and torsion spring applications.