We’re always looking for the best “deal”. Who isn’t? In the spring business, the best price gets the order…or does it? Many spring manufacturers sell their product solely on price. They quote very low, because they are trying to “steal” business away from another spring manufacturer. I’m not naive enough to think that price DOESN’T matter…it does. We have to stay competitive, however it’s important to show customers VALUE over the long term so that price is not the only variable that matters to a customer.
For example; Katy Spring had been servicing a valve manufacturer with compression, extension, and torsion springs for the past 5 years. The customer contacted Katy Spring to say that they had received a quote from another spring manufacturer for a much lower price than they were currently paying. Though they didn’t necessarily want to do it, the valve manufacturer had to try this other spring manufacturer. Katy Spring was given a second chance to bid, but declined to match the competitive quote.
After a few weeks, spring orders started to come in to Katy Spring from this valve manufacturer. I personally placed a call to see what had happened. The customer explained that their new spring vendor could not meet deliveries, and that trying to get answers or anyone on the phone for that matter was very difficult. The new spring manufacturer was “a pain” to work with using this customer’s words.
Sometimes customers will try your price, they won’t stay very long unless there is value in staying.

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