ISO (The International Organization for Standardization) is an international organization where representatives from various bodies set quality standards. Many spring manufacturing companies today are ISO certified, including Katy Spring & Manufacturing (a Houston, Texas-based spring manufacturer), which became ISO certified in 2002.
Though ISO is a good tool for setting spring manufacturing quality standards, ISO does not ensure quality; that’s where the human factor comes into play. A spring manufacturer’s quality assurance department defines the quality standards, which are largely based on ISO standards, and modified to fit the unique needs of the spring company and their customer’s requirements. The spring quality assurance department then regulates that the standards are being followed on the shop floor.
ISO certification alone does not guarantee quality products will be produced by spring manufacturers. Quality is everyone’s responsibility. Good communication between spring makers, the quality department and management is crucial to the over-all success of the spring manufacturer’s quality in relation to the product produced. If and when a quality problem occurs, the problem should be identified and corrected to prevent future quality problems.

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