A spring contains hidden or stored energy. There is also hidden energy or potential hidden energy for spring manufacturers. Consider one spring manufacturer,s customer outside of Houston Texas that is fueled by methane gas. According to an article; methane gas travels nine miles through a pipeline from a landfill where it fuels turbines at this spring manufacturer’s customer’s plant.
Another example is in the Netherlands, where Dutch spring manufacturer’s electric power comes from coal and natural gas burning sources, not wind from windmills and many once thought.
Spring manufacturers use an enormous amount natural gas for heat treating ovens that age harden and stress relieve compression springs, extension springs, torsion springs and flat springs.
In France, where nuclear energy powers 80 percent of the country, electricity costs for spring manufacturers are much lower than in other areas of the world.
Spring Manufacturers are always looking for ways to save and conserve energy. Today;s economy is a global economy as it is with spring manufacturers. The spring manufacturers, like Katy Spring, that constantly search for alternative sources of stored energy are the spring manufacturers that will stay ahead in the market place.

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