Katy Spring Performance Rating Summary 2010 is now available:https://www.katyspring.com/2010-survey-results.htm
Sample comments:
-“Keep up the good work!” , ”
Greg C. – Oilfield Products
-“XXX Company continues to enjoy the relationship and service provided by Katy Spring not only for us but to our external customers as well. We look forward to the success of both our organizations in 2011.”
Karen H. – VChemical Products
-“While we have had some quality issues, Katy Spring has been responsive in trying to address those issues.”
Rich L. – Seating Products
-“The folks at Katy Spring follow up on drawings and procedures to ensure the customer is getting what is needed. Katy Spring communicates with customers to ensure everything has been ordered. I was asked about wire requirements to ensure nothing was missed.”
Curtis H. – Chemical Products
-“We are very satisfied with your work as in all busy times the sooner the better and you guys seem to find ways to improve our deliveries when we really need it.”
Manuel T. – Valve Products
-“You are the best.”
Rachel C. – Valve Products
-“We are pleased with Katy Spring.”
Tom M. – Valve Products
-“Overall very pleased with Katy Spring. Very knowledgeable staff, always willing to listen and try to address any issues.!”
Larry G. – Plastics
-“Great job last year guys!!”
Bill A. – Seal Products
-“The last springs worked real well for us…”
Augie R. – Acrylics
-“I would like to praise the quick and expedient services we received from your group . When we saw we would need extra spring wire, Katy Spring came through in acquiring the material and meeting our needs.”
Gerald C. – Ethylene Products

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