Katy Spring News Press Release  11-11-2011

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Katy Spring has purchased a brand new 6 – Axes CNC Spring Coiler to arrive Spring of 2012.  The spring coiler CSC-6160N, as it€™s referred to, can manufacture compression springs, extension springs, and torsion springs in spring materials up to five and one eights of an inch in diameter.
The CNC spring coiler has the following features:

  1. Windows based software with user-friendly touch screen graphical interface.
  2. Spring outside diameter forming driven by ball screws with two independent servo motors.
  3. Quick shift left hand right hand spring coiling
  4. Rigid Structure and powerful spring wire feeding allowing spring indexes of 3 with oil tempered spring materials
  5. Multi-cut systems for straight, rotary or torsion spring cut
  6. Auto program generator provides different types of spring geometries including hour-glass and banana-shaped springs
  7. 3D spring preview chart analysis for outside diameter, spring pitch, and wire feed
  8. Intuitive programming for spring manufacturing charts
  9. Wire feed displayed by wire feed length and number of coils
  10. Start and end spring coil angles for fine tuning function
  11. Spring taper end spring end coil fine tuning function
  12. Proportional adjustments for outside diameter, pitch, and spring wire forming
  13. Optional external encoder for monitoring spring wire feeding.

The automatic capabilities of this machine are not widespread in the spring manufacturing business and will allow Katy Spring a great advantage in the market place.  More information will be released in the next few months.

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