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Press Release 1-16-12

A compression spring is any mechanical spring that creates resistance to loading, effectively reducing the size of the external mechanical device for which the compression spring is being used in, producing load in the process.

Compression springs are generally used in applications that require a resistance to compressive force.

Typical examples of compression spring industry applications include; Automotive, Aircraft, Appliances, Valves, Mechanical Seals, Medical Devices, Tools, Machinery and Equipment, Electronics, Agriculture, Aerospace, and much more. In fact, it’s been said that ninety percent (90%) of everything mechanically produced has a mechanical spring requirement and almost half of the mechanical springs are compression springs.

Compression springs are usually open or closed coiled, helical springs. Other types of compressions springs are also called conical compression springs, barrel compression springs, volute springs, hour-glass compression springs and Belleville or disc springs.

Though compression springs are produced in various sizes and shapes to suit each type of application, a number of factors are considered while selecting or designing a compression spring. The primary consideration is the compression spring material.

In designing a compression spring for an application, the helix direction, type of ends, solid height, and compression spring rate, total number of coils in the compression spring, free length, and wire diameter are also taken into account.

More to come regarding compression spring materials in future publications.

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