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Katy Spring Announcement 5-22-12

Spring manufacturing utilizes various spring testing devices to check compression, extension, and torsion springs for compliance. The spring manufacturing testing devices measure such properties as the hardness of the spring-tempered metal and the amount of the compression, extension, or torsion spring’s deformation under a known force. Custom manufactured springs that do not meet the specifications are scrapped. Statistical analysis of the spring test results can help spring manufacturers identify spring production problems and improve processes so fewer defective springs are produced.

About one-third of defective springs result from spring production problems. The other two-thirds are caused by defective spring wire used to manufacture the springs. In the late nineties, researchers reported the development of a spring wire test (FRACMAT) that could screen out inadequate spring wire prior to manufacturing springs.

Computer-operated spring coiling machines improve quality in two ways. First, they control the spring diameter and spring pitch more precisely than manual spring operations can. Second, through the use of piezoelectric materials, whose size varies with electrical input, CNC coiling heads can precisely adjust in real-time to measurements of spring characteristics. As a result, these intelligent spring manufacturing machines produce fewer compression, extension, and torsion springs that must be rejected for not meeting specifications.

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