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Since the very first spring company, which started back in the Industrial Revolution, spring buyers have been challenged by the process of buying springs from spring companies.  The spring buyers’ needs are fairly simple, they want the spring they ordered per their spec, delivered on time from the spring company at the price agreed upon when the order was placed.

The spring company knows this, and like many things, it’s sometimes easier said than done in the real world of a spring company.

Here are some tips from an experienced spring company that can make the process smoother for both the spring buyer and the spring company:

  • If it’s a new spring design, get the spring company involved early in on the design phase.
  • If it’s a new design, test the spring for fit and function before ordering a large quantity.  It may seem costly for a short order of springs, but well worth it in the long run.
  • If the spring price or lead time isn’t what you were expecting, talk to the spring company, estimators can make mistakes, but can also explain what is involved in the process of manufacturing your spring.
  • Many spring companies will offer long-term contracts for better pricing and delivery. Ask if your spring company offers contract rates and delivery.
  • If possible, have the spring company visit your facility and visit the spring company.  Seeing each operation firsthand creates better understanding of each operation and promotes good communication.
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