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The perception in the custom spring products manufacturing business is interesting from customers; especially who are new to buying custom springs, whether it’s a custom coil spring, a custom leaf spring, or any variety of custom spring products. Because a spring is considered a “hardware-type” item, the perception is that any spring should always be readily available or that a single spring should not cost very much. It is true with springs that are not custom springs, but when a spring is manufactured from scratch, this changes the price structure very much. Let’s look at an example of how dollars are allocated over producing 1 or2 custom springs.
A customer contacts a custom spring manufacturer with a custom spring requirement. They may have a print or some specification, or they may just have a verbal description of what they need their custom spring to do. The custom spring manufacturing company will assist with the custom spring design or they will take the design provided to them from the customer and check it for manufacturability  and any spring design traps or flaws. Once it’s determined the design is good, they accept the order and the custom spring contract is reviewed again by several departments, to ensure nothing was missed. When the job reaches the shop floor, a machine is set up which can take anywhere from just under an hour to several hours. When 1 custom spring is made, all of the design, contract review and set up time are allocated into 1 custom spring which as one can imagine, can have a high unit cost. 2 custom springs cuts the unit cost in half, though the extended cost is relatively the same. For someone that is new to buying springs, this can sometimes result in “sticker shock” unless they are taken through the process by a professional custom spring designer who initially helps them with designing their custom spring. Experienced custom spring manufactures know when they are working with a customer that is new to buying custom springs, and can guide them through the process to avoid any “surprises” when they receive their custom spring quote.