Finding a  Custom Springs Manufacturer On-Line 
The best way to search via internet for a custom spring manufacturer is to be as specific as possible.
For example, if “springs” is typed in Google search engine, local listings with the word “spring” are likely to appear on the first page; such as “Spring Valley Pharmacy” or Cypress Spring City Hall.”  If my custom spring requirement is for a small compression spring, then it’s best to type “small compression spring suppliers.”  This query yields over six manufacturers of small compression springs on the first page.  These suppliers likely manufacture small springs, small coil springs, small extension springs.
Sometimes a query may be too specific such as “small compression springs metric.”  Though this query pulls up several spring manufacturers, the word “metric” is simply a unit of measure and does not necessarily mean other spring manufacturers cannot manufacture metric springs.  Spring manufactures in general can easily change unit of measure to accompany industry requirements.

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