A term that is used often in the spring manufacturing business is “heavy-duty spring.”  What does it mean? Whether it’s a heavy-duty torsion spring, heavy-duty extension springs, a heavy-duty compression spring, or and heavy-duty spring, it implies that a spring is capable of handling severe service in terms of load and cycle requirements. Frequently “heavy-duty” is used in die spring descriptions and are even color-coded in die spring catalogs showing light, medium, and heavy duty springs.

The fact is there is no quantitative measurement to determine if a spring is considered “heavy-duty except with die springs.”  In die spring catalogs, the rate determines the difference between light, medium, and heavy-duty service, but with custom springs it’s all relative. Spring designs for custom springs determine what type of service a spring can handle at certain deflections, but the terms used to describe custom springs are light, medium, and severe service springs.

Heavy Duty Spring Houston TX

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