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In the young fourteen year history of Katy Spring, the primary types of springs that have been manufactured are custom compression springs.  Compression springs are the most popular style of spring in the spring industry. Sometimes referred to as compression coil springs, custom compression springs sizes can range from wire diameter compression spring sizes, the size of a human hair to the size of a human thumb or specifically .005 – .625 for cold wound compression springs.  The first extension compression spring manufactured at Katy Spring was made from .012 302 type stainless steel spring tempered wire.  The spring was used in a mechanical seal for the oil field industry.  The term extension compression is not common with spring manufacturers. It refers to the spring for the mechanical seal, because it is extended to clamp around the seal. Industrial rubber was then used to mold the spring to the seal. As the rubber penetrated the coil spaces and cooled, the spring then acted as a compression spring securing the rubber around the spring coils.After the spring was extended and then compressed to support the rubber mold, it can be classified as a wire form to support the mechanical seal, because it no longer deflects.

Compression coil springs and custom compression springs

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