When I first got into the spring business over twenty-two years ago, I was told that springs are in about ninety percent of every mechanical assembly. Now that I’ve been doing this for a while, I think it may be higher than ninety percent. They literally seem to be in almost every mechanical product.

Why is that? First, the definition of a spring is very broad; a device that stores energy. A tree limb is a spring. A screwdriver is a spring. Most people see a spring as a coiled wire configuration, and that simply is not the case. They come in a vast variety of materials and configurations. Mechanical assemblies also include plastics now which further places springs in many other devices and assemblies.

That said, when one is looking for potential customers to help improve their spring purchasing strategy, one can find leads in many places. I have personally contacted many future customers by simply finding products out and about that have the company name on the label, and the product of course has a spring device on it. It can be a little overwhelming sometimes how many opportunities there is in the spring business.

In casual conversation, when I asked about our industry, the person gets a curious look on their face and wants to know what we make springs for or who would need them. I start to point out springs or wire forms that they are wearing; a watch, earrings, bracelets, wallet clips, metal-framed glasses, etc. and they are astonished and begin to nod in agreement that yes, there is a large market potential for springs.

But just like most things that are in demand, the demand for springs is there, the demand for excellent spring manufacturing companies is even higher.

I often asked; What makes Katy Spring different from other spring manufacturing companies?

First is that Katy Spring is run by not just one, but three generations of spring makers. Many spring makers, when they retire, sell their spring company to a holding company and the art and personal touch of running the company is lost along the way. Katy Spring’s owners know how to make springs and have years of experience in running a spring company. The second thing is that Katy Spring puts a huge emphasis on customer service and always has.

As long as springs continue to be everywhere, Katy Spring will be there helping customers fill their unique requirements.

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