I love to write stories about helping customers that have an idea, seeing that idea come to fruition, especially when it’s hugely successful! Katy Spring has helped many customers turn their ideas into a product that makes the world a little bit better.

One of the most exciting projects came in the early years of Katy Spring’s growth.A company in Massachusetts found Katy Spring, via the web, and sent a few drawings to bid on this kind of thing happens every day at Katy Spring, especially with Katy Spring’s website still being the number one marketing tool for Katy Spring.

Before the request for quote, Katy Spring was asked to sign a non-disclosure agreement, which is something else that’s very common in the spring manufacturing business. What happened next was not so common.

After the non-disclosure was signed, the company revealed to Katy Spring that Katy Spring, along with several manufacturing companies, were working on a product that had something to do with coffee, and that was all they said. Oh, and every quote request and order was going to be hot (pardon the pun).

It was curious to us why a project of this nature had such a rush-type nature to it.  It’s nothing that is uncommon to Katy Spring. We serve customers with rush orders all the time, especially in the oilfield industry, where frequently the supplier that can get it done first is the winner. Katy Spring was also involved in a project where the spring allowed a nuclear power plant to stay running. The part was made and delivered to the end user, in Vermont, the same day.

The spring quotes, spring design assistance, and quick-turn prototype orders for this coffee project went on for several months.  Then, an invitation came to Katy Spring.

Katy Spring was invited to the product roll-out event, not in Massachusetts but in Alabama. We eagerly accepted the invitation, and a few days later, we were in a small conference room holding about twenty five or so attendees at a manufacturing facility. Most of the attendees were component manufacturers like Katy Spring. Only about five or six worked for the company we were visiting or they were from the design group out of Massachusetts. And there was something else unusual in the conference room.

Against the one of the walls were several odd-looking devises that had the resemblance of some sort of small, kitchen appliance. Even stranger were the small canisters neatly stacked in front of the devises with popular coffee brand labels on the canisters which are now commonly referred to as pods?

After a brief introduction and demonstration, we all were invited to choose a pod and make a cup of coffee. Over the next few minutes, we all agreed that the coffee was one of the best and freshest cups of coffee we ever had and today many agree; as this type of coffee maker and their pods are in stores and kitchens everywhere around the world.

One never knows what can develop from these types of inquiries which is why we treat every project as if it’s our own personal project.

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