Time for Coffee.

Patience is a virtue.  At Katy Spring we are continually looking for ways to improve and offer better ways, and more cost-effective ways to help our customers.

Its tempting to jump at ways to improve, especially in a business where technology is king.

Katy Spring never jumps into something without a full review, which is one of the reasons our company has been successful in my opinion.

Case and point; a powder coat line. We have been looking at adding a powder coat line for many years, mainly because frankly we haven’t been fully satisfied with local suppliers.

Katy Spring doesn’t have enough powder coating business to support the expense of most powder coat lines. We like to have enough existing spring business to support any equipment we invest in; then add more work to further support the investment.

So over the years, Katy Spring has never found a powder coat line that made sense to purchase.

That changed this week.

While looking at a company that was offering a wire form machine and oh and by the way, we have a small, very affordable powder coat line.

It won’t be long until Katy Spring will be offering powder coat services both to support Katy Spring and outside services.

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