The History of Katy Spring

One of our favorite projects is to take a spring or wire form assembly and make it better, safer, less expensive or perhaps all of the above.

Katy Spring is involved in a project right now in which 4 separate spring and wire form configurations are being used in an assembly that customers in the field are installing on their products.

These installations can be costly and so are the components that perform the function needed. Katy Spring has found a way to combine all four spring and wire form components into one part; a huge savings is possible from this new design!

The key is that the assembly must be easy for the installers and that part of the equation is yet to be resolved.

Katy Spring makes prototypes for many customers, and the prototypes can be expensive due to allocation machine set-up times over just a few pieces can cause unit prices to be relatively high compared to an economical production run.

With that in mind, Katy Spring offers a discount for samples and prototypes in which the product needs to be tested for fit and function as is with the above-mentioned spring.

If the product trial is successful and a production order is placed, a fifty percent credit is applied to the production order helping Katy Spring customers save money on sometimes expensive samples and prototypes.

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Ph. 281-391-1888

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