Compression Spring 2017

Ordering Compression Springs

The basic information needed by Katy Spring in order to assist our customers with compression springs is material, wire size, free length, number of coils, travel, diameter, end types, finish, works over, works in, and maximum solid height. Katy Spring can assist our customers in determining design parameters for compression springs if only partial data is available.
Music wire, hard-drawn MB, oil-tempered MB, and stainless steels are the most popular materials. Alloy steels such as chromium-silicon and chromium-vanadium are often used. Copper-based alloys such as beryllium-copper, phosphor-bronze, and spring brass are occasionally required, as are the proprietary nickel-based alloys such as Inconel, Monel, Ni-Span C, Elgiloy and so on.
Determining wire size is part of the design method process for compression springs. The methods used for design evolved from trail-and-error method observations all the way up to today’s modern methods of spring design software which is incorporated by Katy Spring to assist our customers with wire size selection.

Compression springs 2017

Compression springs 2017

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