Many people have thought about going into sales, probably not spring sales, being that its such a specialized niche business, however like a lot of sales positions there are some similar comparisons; prospecting, presenting, following up and closing all require similar skills sets not matter what the product or service is that’s being sold.

The truth is, everyone will sell at some point if their life.Every time my kids tried to borrow money, they were selling me on the reasons why the money was needed.

Dating is probably the most common form of selling. Two people meet and during the courting process, everyone is putting their best foot forward, trying not to mess up the opportunity for a long-term relationship.

So what makes spring selling different from other types of selling.  The first thing; there’s tons of opportunity (which is great) because ninety percent of all mechanical things have a spring or spring device in it. That vast use of springs also can make it a little overwhelming sometimes for a spring salesman to decide on the best place to focus his or her efforts to find the best fit for the company they are working for, which a lot has to do with knowing your company’s capabilities.

The other attribute of spring selling is the wide range of where business is located. For most spring manufacturing companies, the core of business is within a 300 mile, geographical radius of the plant location.  Usually more than half, and then 75% of that business are usually within 20 miles. Still, many good customers that require a visit, calls need to be made via air or driving long distances.

A spring salesman can expect to spend a few nights away from home and put about 40,000 to 50,000 miles per year on a car that’s lots of windshield time.It’s not for everybody.

The reward is that spring salesmen get a front-tor seat to see some of the finest products made right here in the USA. It’s a privilege that not all sales position provide. The people in manufacturing are typically very nice and there’s an understanding as well as mutual respect since the customer and the spring salesmen are really in the same business of making stuff.

Selling springs is a very rewarding and fun career.

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