The History of Katy Spring

The History of Katy Spring
The history of companies is built by many short stories; some boring, some not. We’re going to try and tell the not-so-boring ones (in our humble opinion) about Katy Spring & Mfg., Inc.; a company in Katy Texas that started with a conversation that ended something like this; “Why not.”
These are the stories about Katy Spring, small bits of a bigger story that started in 1999. The stories are still unfolding new chapters every day, thanks to our wonderful customers. It’s written for our customers and future customers so that they can get to know our company, our employees, some historical background and philosophy a little better.
The stories are not told in chronological order. This blog is more of a “Readers Digest” about Katy Spring, written in whatever random order they appear. So without further ado, let’s get started with the next read which is titled; Expansion.
Expansion is a good thing.When a company is expanding, it is growing.  For years, Katy Spring has been two companies in one; a distribution company and a manufacturing company.
Katy Spring stocks spring for its customers when it makes sense.  Customers that order springs on a regular basis will order a higher quantity that typically brings down the unit cost or their standard cost.
Stocking springs can also reduce lead times and inventory cost, as well as improve cash flow.
Katy Spring has recently opened an additional thirty seven thousand square feet, using some of the space for finished goods and raw material.
Since its humble beginnings, starting off in a rented twelve hundred square foot building, Katy Spring has grown to nearly fifty thousand total square feet on twenty acres owned by the company.
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