If one does something long enough, one gets pretty good at it.  In fact, its been said that a person can master anything if they do it for ten thousand hours minimum.  Two examples are The Beatles and Bill Gates.  The Beatles are very talented musically; they developed their talent by playing at small bars in Hamburg, Germany, gigs that could last up to fifteen hours a day.

Bill Gates had special computer programming access in the early seventies; that was hard to get computer access and was able to spend many hours programming.

Both the Beatles and Gates became masters at their craft€¦did they stop when they became masters?

And so when three owners have been in the spring business for a combined eighty plus years (and that goes three generations deep), Katy Spring can confidently say that we are masters in the spring business.  And masters also know, the more one thinks they know, the more there is to learn.

In the Beatles and Gates examples, it holds true, theres always new music to write as is there are computer programs to write.  The spring business is endless in technology developments and the uses for springs and spring applications.

Katy Spring knows that we must continually explore new technology, develop and train employees, and keep educated in all aspects that support the spring industry; tooling, wire, coatings, etc. to continue to ne masters at our craft.  Learning never stops.

Katy Spring continues to attend trade shows that support our industry, specifically the CASMI (Chicago Area Spring Manufacturers Institute) Show which happens in Chicago every two years.  At CASMI, spring equipment makers and vendors that support the spring industry come together to demonstrate and sell their latest technology.  Katy Spring always attends the CASMI show and sends new employees each time to broaden the knowledge base.

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