Outer space is not completely empty. It consists of a hard vacuum containing a low density of particles, predominantly a plasma of hydrogen and helium as well as electromagnetic radiation, magnetic fields, neutrinos, dust, cosmic rays and yes, springs. Katy Spring is proud to say we have springs in space.

In a recent tweet from the space station taken circa early 2017, an engineer at NASA mentioned that a product assembly which included Katy Springs was sent from space. The picture showed the ISS Captain, Peggy Whitson floating in front of lockers that contained Katy Spring springs in the hinge assembly according to a NASA engineer.

Katy Spring has also made springs for a privately-held rocket manufacturer that has used many springs on the rockets launched into space.

As Katy Spring General Manager, Jason West put it,we make springs that go miles into the earth and miles above the earth,making reference to Katy Spring customers that include downhole-oilfield tool customers as well as customers in the outer space business.

Another common outer space product that springs have frequent applications is in space equipment that uses batteries for power. There is no oxygen of course, in space so power must come from an electrical power source; either batteries or solar power.

Springs used as battery contacts are typically conical springs or flat spring made from materials with high conductivity; mainly high-strength beryllium copper have many applications that are developed by NASA engineers that specialize in the design and build of battery-powered equipment.

Katy Spring continues to manufacture springs used in space that will probably outlast the machines that helped to make them. As space technology and technology in general continues to develop, who knows where Katy Spring-produced springs will find their home in the new frontier perhaps even one day Mars?

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