The History of Katy Spring

The History of Katy Spring
The history of companies is built by many short stories; some boring, some not. We’re going to try and tell the not-so-boring ones (in our humble opinion) about Katy Spring & Mfg., Inc.; a company in Katy Texas that started with a conversation that ended something like this; “Why not.”
These are the stories about Katy Spring, small bits of a bigger story that started in 1999. The stories are still unfolding new chapters every day, thanks to our wonderful customers. It’s written for our customers and future customers so that they can get to know our company, our employees, some historical background and philosophy a little better.
The stories are not told in chronological order. This blog is more of a “Readers Digest” about Katy Spring, written in whatever random order they appear. So without further ado, let’s get started with the next read which is titled;Investing in Growth.
It,’s really amazing to look back eighteen-and-a-half years from where we started with just one W-11 Torrington spring coiler to now owning over forty two, what we call
Centers. Work Centers are basically pieces of equipment where we make springs, wire forms, and flat, formed metal components. The support equipment list for these Work Centers are too many to mention, the point being, we’ve come a long way from only making springs in a wire size range from .020 to .072and with no grinding requirements.
This very narrow capability in the early days put us in a position of subcontracting the majority of our orders, which was roughly ninety percent of all processing. Once we purchased a grinder (the first check bounced by the way) this allowed us to bring much of the work we currently had back in house, however we continued to subcontract well over half of our jobs for the first few years.
As time went on, the business grew along with the customer base and so did our capabilities. Katy Spring has never bet on the come in terms of buying equipment. Every capital investment has been the result of an immediate need for the equipment and that holds true today.
The decisions are also made based on current and historical work load, the support equipment and training demands required when purchasing a machine. We have a good idea of the equipment capabilities prior to purchasing, however we work closely with the equipment vendors to ensure we completely understand the capabilities, maintenance requirements, and training needed to make the equipment productive from the start.
We even go as far as sending drawings to the vendor to inquire about run speeds and set up times so that we are making good, informative decisions about the investment we are making.  So far this strategy has worked, as we have never made a purchase for new equipment that has turned out to be a flop.
Katy Spring will continue to invest in the latest spring and wire form technology as it continues to develop and change every year. The CASMI show, held every two years in Chicago is a great showcase for spring equipment vendors to demonstrate the latest in spring technology. Katy Spring sends a team to every show to make sure that our employees stay informed and are on the front lines of the decision making process, bringing the best the industry has to offer, to our valued customers.