Hastelloy Springs

Hastelloy spring material is a nickel-chrome-moly alloy with good corrosion resistance. Some grades add copper or tungsten for further enhancement of chemical resistance and pitting.
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Hastelloy Springs Chart:

E Mpa Young’s Modulus These factors can vary with cold work, heat treating and operational stress.
E psi
G Mpa Modulus of Rigidity
G psi
Conductivity % IACS
Surface Min Typical Surface Quality a Maximum defect depth: 0 to 0.5% of d or t
b Maximum defect depth: 1.0% of d or t
c Defect depth:less that 3.5% of d or t
Min Size Sizes commonly available for wire or strip Special sizes may be available at additional cost.
Max Size
Max Temp Maximum service temperature May vary due to operating stress

Hastelloy Extension Springs
Hastelloy Compression Springs
Hastelloy Torsion Springs