Music wire springs and various other wire forms such as clips, pins, springs, rings, hooks, and wire racks to name a few, are manufactured by Katy Spring & MFG.

Music wire springs and other wire forms are made from varied materials such as high carbon spring steel, phosphor-bronze, brass, beryllium-copper, stainless steel, nickel-silver, high-nickel specialty alloys, and non-tempered wire.

For assistance or information regarding any type of wire form product made out of any type of material, call Katy Spring & MFG today at (281) 391-1888.

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Music Wire

Music wire provides uniform tensile strength and is a standard high-carbon steel alloy used for spring manufacture that is cold-drawn and is highly magnetic.

Wires utilized for wire form products may also be hard-drawn and oil tempered. All Katy Spring wire form products, as well as the plating utilized for each manufactured wire forms are manufactured in accordance with ASTM specifications.

Wire forms are often fabricated and welded into assemblies such as baskets or other material handling components.

Music Wire Company

Music wire and wire form company, Katy Spring MFG Inc. is available to answer all of your spring and wire form questions today, when you give us a call at (281) 391-1888 for superior service from the knowledge spring manufacturing experts.

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Your project needs are often unique and we at Katy Spring will help your company by making the entire process easier and ensuring that you have the perfect spring and wire form design you need.

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