Essential Elements for Satisfied Repeat Customers

While customer service is the simplest, most obvious way to retain customers, it is also the most overlooked. Companies are beginning to recognize though the growing significance of service after the sale in maintaining a competitive edge – and statistics are supporting the findings.

In a world of similarly competing products, it’s customer service and a real hands-on approach to business that vastly sets one apart from the other.

Studies show again and again that companies lose their place in the market when they begin to ignore customer needs and fail to distinguish themselves in this essential capacity. Customer service is one of the most important elements in a successful marketing plan for any product or service. Yet most businesses spend nearly 80 percent of their allocated marketing dollars pursuing new business, rather than working to retain and maintain existing clients and customer relationships.

While a growing business must diligently work to expand new business in a well-rounded marketing plan, statistics show that the majority of most small businesses are sustained by a relatively small, loyal customer base. In fact, while the vast majority of companies in today’s marketplace recognize the importance of pursing new customers, they attribute their sustained profitability to repeat sales.

Since the existing trend among larger companies with a large staff and customer base is an impersonal attitude towards existing customers in pursuit of new ones in order to fill the large demand for their large supply, smaller companies are capitalizing on the void by offering better service and more personalized support.

While the product and service may vary, from retail household goods and services to manufacturing and industrial material and parts, one effective tool that small businesses are using to measure customer satisfaction in today’s demanding marketplace is performance ratings. Performance ratings are assessed and compiled by surveying customers on timely delivery, quality, service, pricing, and overall customer satisfaction.

Katy Spring & Mfg., Inc., a steel springs and wire forms manufacturer in Katy, Texas, is lead by a motivated group of managers who recognize the importance of customer service and credit their continued success to these customers. In a recent performance rating, Katy Spring ranked at the top of the scale in satisfied customers.

Katy Spring is helping businesses in a variety of industries; including oilfield products, compressor parts, truck assemblies, and aircraft components, in order to keep their equipment running effectively and efficiently. They accomplish all of this while also maintaining the high standards of customer service to which their clients have become accustomed.

Read customer testimonials, view the online catalog and see how their experienced and knowledgeable staff can add your company to their growing list of satisfied customers.

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