The Spring Manufacturers Institute has been assisting spring producers and distributors since 1933. For spring manufacturers, an association with this institute is important because it helps them make sure they maintain their relevance in the spring industry. The Spring Manufacturers Institute has helped the industry meet the growing demands of the worldwide market.

  • Quality – Members of the Spring Manufacturers Institute have access to information and standards that help ensure their products are of the greatest quality. All of the members work together to achieve a level of quality that meets the rigorous demands of the market. In this era where customers can buy virtually anything online, it is important that businesses earn the consumer’s trust by producing quality products. The benefit of a company’s affiliation with this institute is experienced by the consumer who receives a custom made spring that is more durable and safer.
  • Education – The Spring Manufacturers Institute offers its members access to a variety of educational services. In person seminars, online seminars, and in house training are all available to help members streamline their manufacturing process. Those that participate in these educational services learn important technical information about their industry that helps them produce materials that best suit the needs of their clients. Additionally, SMI also offers safety courses for their partners that help workers avoid injuries on the jobsite. Education and safety training work together to create a more efficient workplace, and as a result, customers receive better products at a more affordable price.
  • Technology – Another benefit members receive is detailed information on the latest technological advances in the spring industry. Affiliates work together to develop new technologies that will help grow their industry. New technologies create better products; better products translate into increased profits and higher levels of customer satisfaction. Customers are constantly seeking products that are new and improved, and an affiliation with the Spring Manufacturers Institute helps spring producers stay on the cutting edge of technology.

Katy Spring and Manufacturing
Katy Spring and Manufacturing is a proud member of the Spring Manufacturers Institute. Customers that need a custom made spring for their project turn to Katy Spring because they manufacture high quality products, offer affordable prices and boast a quick turnaround. If you need a custom spring, contact Katy Spring and Manufacturing or call today at 281-391-1888.

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