Belleville washers are disc-shaped with a convex shape aligned with imperial units and used for spring applications where heavy forces (high loads) are needed in small deflection areas. Conical configuration enables Belleville washers to support high loads with relatively small deflections and solid heights compared to helical springs and are often used to solve vibration, thermal expansion, relaxation and bolt creep problems.

Belleville Washers — Design

Belleville washers may also be referred to coned-disc springs, conical spring washers, disc springs, Belleville springs or cupped spring washers. Different stacking methods and stack heights can be used to change the forces, along with altering the material type, size, OD and ID. Each washer within a stack should be considered as one coil, as with a compression spring design and are classified into groups based on the material thickness. By stacking these washers in various configurations, additional load flexibility can be achieved (single, parallel, series or series-parallel).

Designing these washers can be complicated due to the many variables that can change within design curves. The manufacturing process can be costly, requiring more complex tooling than compression springs. Katy Spring specializes in Belleville washers and stocks numerous sizes (outer diameter, inner diameter, material thickness and nominal spring rate). Thus, customers can save money in design, prototype and production cost by hiring Katy Spring. Our disc spring washers meet global demand for specified sizes.

Custom Washers

We recommended consulting with our professional staff, as we specialize in washer production, specially designed washers, and flange washers. If a specially designed washer is required, Katy Spring can help. Katy Spring can also assist customers in sourcing suppliers that stock Belleville washers.

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