Looking for a spring manufacturing company?  Look no further than Katy Spring, an ISO certified, full-service custom metal forming spring manufacturer of precision springs, wire forms and metal components.

Spring Manufacturing Company Profile

We are your source for quality springs, custom and/or in stock, and made in America. Our company philosophy is built on offering outstanding customer service and delivering quality products on time, made to the specifications of our customers. Check out our testimonials here.

From compression springs, extension springs, torsion springs, custom metal components, wire forms, flat springs, assemblies and other metal components, we proudly fill orders for a wide range of markets.

Industries such as oil and gas, chemical, medical, agricultural, automotive, aerospace, lawn and garden, recreational, refining, electronics, robotics, marine, high-tech, and food services depend on Katy Spring, just to name a few sectors.

Custom or From Inventory

We invite you to browse our website and blog for useful information about the products and services Katy Spring offers to our valued customers across dozens of industries.

We specialize in custom design, engineering, and manufacturing, but we have an abundance of products in stock. Our inventory comes in endless varieties of shapes, sizes, and material types. Consult with our professional staff to order the precise springs, valves and/or tools your project requires. Please see our “Benefits of Buying from a Manufacturer” blog post for insights. See also our “Safety Stock Programs Reduce Inventory Dollars and Space” blog post for additional details. Please visit our home page to view all our products. Also, feel free to view our gallery of springs and wire forms.

Contact Us!

Our professional and highly trained staff is on standby to assist you with your order requirements. As a premier spring manufacturing company, we offer expert consultations to fulfill your custom specifications. Contact us today!

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