Double Body Torsion Springs Overview

Here’s another look at double body torsion springs. We’ve previously blogged on this topic and you can check that out here! In this post we’re providing more information regarding the production of these springs and the importance of a CNC coiler (also referred to as a CNC machine) in its making. These springs definitely require a manufacturer with top talent as well as the latest in CNC technology.


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We use CNC technology in the production of our double body torsion springs. Now you may be wondering, what exactly is CNC technology and a CNC machine?

CNC machines are machines that are automated by a computer. In fact, CNC stands for computer numerical control! With this technology, these machines are programmed to do a task rather than rely on human operation. In our case, we utilize a CNC coiler to efficiently produce springs that are consistent in quality.

Making this unique part without a CNC machine entails long run times along with the use of a manual hand winder and multiple secondary setups. A CNC coiler may require a longer set-up time, averaging roughly 8-12 hours, however this time is well invested as the CNC machine eliminates many of the manual processes otherwise required. By using a CNC coiler machine we are able to quickly and accurately fulfill your spring order; this machine aids in the repeatability of our production and is definitely a key component in being a top spring manufacturer.

With CNC technology we are able to produce double body torsion springs for many industries – from automotive to hardware, we can produce the right spring for you, on time and within budget. Contact us at 281-391-1888 for any questions or more info!


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