Catalyst Spring

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A catalyst spring is a wire spring used in industrial applications such as precision equipment, motorized equipment, automotive parts, suspension, vehicle assembly and repair, home appliances, and more. These conical coiled helical springs are wound or constructed to oppose compression along the axis of wind for loads at deflected positions and frequency of compression. They are made of carbon steel, stainless steel, cold roller steel, beryllium copper, alloy, brass, and other spring steel options.

Catalyst Spring Gang Assembly

The catalyst spring gang assembly shown below provides more depth accuracy and the greatest time-saving insertion and removal method. It allows for multiple tube insertion. Catalyst springs provide a near-constant spring rate, a variable pitch, small solid height, stability, and vibration reduction.

catalyst spring gang assembly


Contact us regarding your wire diameter (thickness) requirements and specifications. Our manufacturing capabilities and engineering support yield catalyst spring products that last longer and function dependably, thanks to the care we invest in advanced design, production and customization. We are your source for high quality custom springs, stock springs, and other spring-related needs.

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