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Custom drawbar springs are one of many types of springs Katy Spring manufacturers. Drawbar compression springs have the same properties as an extension spring and perform the same functions. However, these particular springs can carry extra heavy loads and offer safety for potential overload situations.

• Porch swings
• Tarp or pool cover attachment
• Tethering a boat
• Tensioning fences or gates

Drawbar springs apply the load at the ends of long steel loops which pass through the spring’s center and are hooked around the opposite end. Therefore, the spring is compressed upon loading. They are generally manufactured of high carbon, stainless steel, music wire, or hard drawn spring wire and often have built-in safety features that continue to carry a static load in the event of fracturing.

drawbar springs

Ordering Custom Drawbar Springs

Compression springs fitted with a drawbar can be used to reduce the chance of failure. Katy Spring professionals can answer your drawbar-related questions and provide a quote for services.

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