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Katy Spring & Manufacturing, Inc.

Katy Spring is a Houston, Texas-based company with its custom spring manufacturing facility located in Katy, Texas. We manufacture custom metal components including compression springstorsion springsextension springswire formsflat springs and assemblies for a wide range of markets including oil and gas, chemical, medical, agricultural, automotive, aerospace, lawn and garden, recreational, chemical, refining, electronics, robotics, marine and high-tech, and food services, just to name a few.



“It is the policy of Katy Spring & Mfg. to deliver quality products on time, made to the specifications of our customers.

Our goal is to help our customers succeed. To achieve our goal requires a commitment to continuous improvement in an environment of honest, sincerity, and mutual respect.”


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Words of Praise for Katy Spring

Ryan G, Aerospace Parts Distribution

I am confident we will be reaching out to you again on our next spring project. You guys are the best around!

Words of Praise for Katy Spring

Tammy D, Couples

Katy Spring is always good to work with. From sales to the accounting staff, everyone seems so nice and helpful.

Words of Praise for Katy Spring

Jordan B, Engineering Consultants

My experience with your company so far has been outstanding. I can appreciate the fact that you strive to take great care of your customers.

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Torsion Spring Manufacturing

Take a look at this. These torsion springs are connected by a common wire form configuration made from stainless steel wire being #manufactured on a CNC wire former. These machines can save a tremendous amount of processing time. Each bend...

Clock Spring Manufacturing

Clock Spring Manufacturing What time is it? It’s #clockspring time. These types of springs are referred to as “clock springs” or “power springs.” The springs are made from a thin ribbon-tempered material that is used where there are space constraints and the...

Avoid Material Shortages

Avoid Material Shortages

Please take a few minutes to read this important information about recent wire shortages. We strive to inform companies in our industry with some of the details pertaining to the current, unprecedented issues we are all facing with material shortages and logistic...

What is a Wire Form?

What’s a #wireform? This is a wire least in our world, that’s what we call them. Wire forms are used by banks to transfer money. Wire forms are also used in making metal mesh. We define a wire form as a metal component, typically...

.025” 302 Stainless Steel Wire Compression Spring Manufacturing

.025” 302 Stainless Steel Wire Compression Spring Manufacturing This tiny #compressionspring made from .025” 302 stainless steel wire is being made at a rate of about 8000 parts per hour...not bad. The probe at the end of the spring is used for #qualitycontrol purposes. If the spring end touches the...

300 Series Stainless Wire Form Manufacturing

300 Series Stainless Wire Form Manufacturing Here’s a “hot” topic. This wire form made from 300 series stainless is being stress relieved in an in-line furnace. 300 series stainless wire forms and springs require stress relieving or normalizing after forming so that the part...

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