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Hi David,
Your contract review process is one of the best in the industry, thanks for looking into these.
Good catch on the source inspection.

Rich I

Thank you, thank you, thank you!
I really appreciate all your help. You kept me very informed the whole time, and answered every time I needed something.
Top notch customer service. 🌞

Thank you,
Kasey G
Fastener Distribution

Hi Scott,
I apologize for not responding sooner. My schedule is all over the place.
I’ve certainly had a great experience with Katy Spring since starting with you guys. No complaints.

Tiffany S. CPSM
Supply Chain & Business Process Manager


We compared springs that you provide on order XXXX to the spring that we are having issues with (not supplier by Katy Springs) and noticed that the springs that you provide are flawless.
Is this something that you could provide additional information about or can direct our question to someone that can answer this question?
We really appreciate it and thank you for your time!

Tyler G.
Valve Assemblies

Hi Liz,
I must agree with Mike.
You guys have been great.
I have no complaints; everything is smooth working with you all starting with po confirmations to the delivery of material.
You also are always quick to reply when we have a question or concern to address.
I really appreciate how easy it is to work with you and Katy Spring.

Tiffany H.

Aero really do appreciate all the help Katy gives our engineering department and all the great service it provides to out companies.

Aerospace Components

Probably back in the early 2001-2004 time frame I worked a lot with Katy Spring. I have another need with my current company. I have no idea if you can assist me with this, but I do remember Katy as being a supplier I loved to work with. And have never forgotten how you assisted me.

Gene H.

Liz, and Team,

We are very pleased with Katy Spring management of our expedite you’re transparency and sense of urgency.

Maurice P.
Defense Products

Good Morning Scott,

  • How is Katy Spring performing?
    Katy Spring is performing exceptionally well. I thoroughly enjoy working with Liz Hernandez especially. She makes getting quotes, placing orders, and even working through any discrepancies that may come up very easy and quick.
  • On a scale of 1-5, how do you rank Katy Spring relative to our competitor?
    Katy Spring is miles ahead of the competitors that we have attempted to work with.
  • What can we improve?
    Personally, I do not have any comments on this. I have no complaints. Lead times are stuck to and customer service is great.

Best Regards,

Kimberly O.

Hi Jason, Liz, and Scott,

I hope you and your families have a great Thanksgiving and a Merry Christmas! I appreciate everything Katy Spring does for Bray and look forward to working with you in the coming year!

Best Regards,
Lisa J

Good Afternoon Liz,

A very warm and big THANK YOU and to the Katy Spring family.

Thanks for been our supplier and looking forward to more wins ahead!

Happy ThanksGiving and Merry Christmas in Advance!!!


Esther A
Compressor Parts

Thank you all for the great work and products and we look forward to continuing and growing our business with Katy Spring.

David C.
Petrochemical Tools

As for the below questions:

  1. Katy Spring is awesome! I love the fact that I can depend on your delivery dates and if there is an issue I will know ahead of time. As you know we had a little problem a while back but that is now solved and everything is going great from my side.
  2. lease continue doing what you are doing and if you can find a way to keep the prices down please do.

Tammy S
Pressure Couplers

Hi Liz and Scott

Attached are your answers for the highlighted items you.

Thank you for your top-notch quality and service. Also thank you for the great communications when problems arise in delivery or complications on a spring.

Thank you
Kathy P
Fastener Distributor

Good Morning Yvette,

I can tell you though that we are happy with Katy Spring performance.
We have had no new issues with the product, the ones we had on the first PO have been resolved, your team jumped right in and fixed all issues.
I hope this helps and you can relay the message for me.

Have a wonderful day.

Best Regards,
Kelly K.
Custom Transformer Products

Hi Scott,

I just wanted to make sure you know that Liz has been awesome to work with. I didn’t get the answer I wanted but I received a quick accurate response each time. I dropped the ball and didn’t order in time and now I’m in a bind so that’s on me. Her reaction has been very professional and I really appreciate her and wanted to make sure you know how things are going. Hello to all my friends at Katy Springs.

Hey Liz if they don’t have enough material to run all 5000 just let me know what they can get done asap and I can get the balance when it’s ready. Maybe that will help a little.

Kindest regards,
Pressure Couplers


Thanks again for your help in establishing the capability of your wonderful firm.

I’m very encouraged that you folks will be a great fit for our company going forward.

I contacted the purchasing group and my PMO leads, so I should hear back soon on next steps.

Kevin E.
Consumer Utility Products


You and your teams help and support is greatly appreciated!!

Thank you,

Have a great day!!!

Best Regards;
Derek B
Mechanical Seals

Hi Scott,

I have no findings from the audit and gave GE approval to start doing orders with Katy Spring. I highly recommended you all. Very impressed with what I saw.

Now it is up to the sourcing and fulfillment team to place orders as needed.

Thank you,

Roberto M.
Quality Supply Engineer in charge of audits.

Thanks Mark. You sure have a knack for emailing me right before I ask for an update. Impressive!

Jordan L
Project Engineer
Trucking Accessories

Thanks again for working with us Liz. Gotta say, I’ve been nothing but impressed
with everyone at Katy Spring. Everyone has been wonderful to deal with.

James C.
Food Dispensing Products


Thanks for allowing us to visit the Katy Spring shop. I didn’t know at the time that my Supplier Quality Manager was going to be joining me, but we were really impressed with David and the operation of the shop.

Patrick G
Compressor Component Parts

Greetings Katy Team,

Frist off, word is going around at XXXX that Katy Spring is the go-to for springs. I would like to think since my ownership transition, we are bringing lots of new business to Katy Spring, this is an exciting time! So thank you for all the support.

Ian R.

Thanks again. So glad we chose Katy Spring.
OUTSTANDING customer service!

James B.
Operations Manager; Food Service Equipment

Appreciate the support Scott and Yvette, Katy Springs for sure has some top notch employees and customer service.


Joe W.

Previous Month Score – 100

Quality – 100
Delivery – 100
Responsiveness – 100

6 Month Score – 97

Quality – 100
Delivery – 94
Responsiveness – 97

Thank you!!

Robert S.
Valve Manufacturer

I was reviewing on-time delivery for this year so far and wanted to thank you for your dedication to getting us parts on time!

Jan – 100%
Feb – 100%
Mar – 100%

You are at 100% for the month of March – please keep up the good work!!!

Thank you!!

Yolanda C

I would like to personally thank you, Tom, and the team at Katy Spring for your eager and thoughtful support of our project. You have earned a spot at the front of my “Rollodex” when we are in need of mechanical springs in the future.

Thanks again for your efforts.

Lee T.
Engineering Design Firm

Hi Scott,
I just wanted to let you know Matt has been fantastic to work with.
Now that Tom and I are on the same page, I’m sure he’ll be able to assist moving forward as well.
Best Wishes,

Paul T.
Firearms Engineering Design

Yvette took care of everything. 5 stars / would recommend

Jody S.
Custom Machining and Fabrication

We currently have a vendor that has not been able to maintain its lead times. Once we receive and close out our order with them I will have a meeting and discuss how we want to proceed!

I may have a few more RFQs for you guys over the next couple of days for more springs as we are trying to transition to you all as our sole spring provider!

Your quality and customer service is unbeatable, so we want to thank you for that!

Sydney H.
Medical Devices


We hope you had a Good Christmas and a Happy New Year, and have stayed safe from the Covid Virus that is still going around. We have finished our Fourth Quarter Vendor performance and I have attached a copy for your review. The overall Yearly Results were OTD 100.00% and the Overall Results 94.05%.

We are redoing the vendor performance for next year and more emphasis is being put on OTD. Keep up the good work and we look forward to doing business with your company in 2021.

Roger B
Safety Valves

Hey Scott

Good to hear from you. Yes, I received this. I’m just talking to you guys because you helped quickly last time!


Nick C.

Mr. West,

The richest of blessings to you and yours this new year. I saw this email and remembered that I had never “closed the loop” with you, personally. You, your company and staff; once again showed the level of personal service and professionalism that will keep me a Katy Spring customer.

I appreciate the extra efforts on my spring design misunderstanding.
Best Regards,

Roy C.
Downhole Tools


Thank you and the entire Katy Spring Team for making this happen.

This relationship is now mating up the highest quality spring with our company, allowing us to continue to lead the firearms industry.

Kevin P.

First of all, I’d like to thank Mark for great customer service in turning this quote around so quickly.

Bob M.
Downhole Oilfield Tools


I received the Roca and ornament today, Thank you very much! I just wanted to thank you guys for being such a great partner to us and really coming through for us when we need it. I wish each of you and your families a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

Jacob P
Trucks and Trailers


Yes, I did. Excellent service as always. Thanks.


Ian M
Oil & Gas Well Construction

Hi Scott,

Yes, I rec’d the quote and forwarded it to our Engineers to review. As soon as I hear back from them I will hopefully be placing an order,

Thank you for your team ALWAYS handling our quotes so quickly. You are number one in my book!


Beth H.

Hi Scott,

Everything went really well! I gave Katy Springs a call and was put in contact with the right person right away. I explained what I was looking to achieve e.g spring rate, dimensions etc.. they took note and said we will work on this. I received the quote the next day, it meet my criteria and now we are pushing it through on our end. Katy Springs did a great job again!

Thanks for asking

Taylor M.
Oil & Gas Surface Equipment

I reach out for technical assistance, and I appreciate the support I got from Tom Upton. Tom was great and really was a huge help.

Brandon B

Good afternoon gentleman.

Wanted to email to let you know we just received the newest batch of mag springs in and what a difference! Thank you gentlemen for working so hard to get this figured out with us. I am impressed as well as everybody involved here at the plant. Again, thank you for your hard work and dedication!

Jason Z.

Hi Scott

Your communication and technical support has been incredible.

This is my first custom spring project so I don’t have anything to compare your quote with. I have requested a higher volume quote for our production orders.

Vaibhav S.
Medical Instrumentation

Hi Scott

We ordered the XXX / QTY 700.

Btw…..Yvette has been fantastic to work with. Very responsive and helpful.

The entire Katy Springs team has helped facilitate the order and answer all our questions, we really appreciate it.

Have a nice weekend
Nancy K
Mold Manufacturing

Scott –

Tom has provided some great help in this design and came up with a valid, dimensional form to quote.

Please quote 20 springs to start for prototypes.

Dexter V.
Home Decor

Hi Scott,

You are so welcome good sir. The order has been forwarded to my manager. Every one of your team members with whom I spoke are great!

I’ll advise when my boss approves. Have a great day!

Dennis P
Custom Metal Fabrication

Thanks for providing fast lead times and great customer service.

Juan D.
Turbine Equipment

Hi Scott,

Yes, it was good to catch up. We appreciate your team and the blanket orders we have established. It has helped in streamlining the ordering process and provided flexibility for changes in demand while taking advantage of improved pricing.

Jean S
Mechanical Seal Products

I have at least three more good volume items to quote. I will get those over to you.

Your pricing has been good and I know engineering likes your springs. Looking good 😊

Marsha R
Engineered Valves

Hi Scott,

Thank you very much for the quick response and call. I always appreciate being contacted same-day regarding a RFQ. 😊

I look forward to receiving the quote. If any other questions arise please feel free to contact me.

Anna O.
Lab Instrumentation

What an incredible response time Katy Team!!! Phenomenal!

I have provided the information below to our Customer Service Department. We hope to have an answer back by mid-day Monday. I will immediately let you know if we are awarded the order.

Thank you again, that is how a quote is DONE.

I hope you all stay safe and healthy. Have a good weekend.

Beth H.
Ventilator Components

Spot on. Let me get in touch with our customer to see how they want to proceed.

Thank you for the quick response given the circumstances,

Joe H.
Oil Rig Design Engineer

Jason, I want you to know that David has been great to work with. If this had happened during normal times I would have just driven over… we will get together when things get back to normal. I think it might help if he saw how the parts are being used. As you know we are a very small business.

Thank you both for your help!

Kindest regards,

Tammy D
Couplers, Valves and High Pressure Connectors

Thank you Scott,

Definitively I will Katy Spring in our preferred list of spring supplier, excellence and fast quoting service.


Héctor G.
Precision Tools


Looks like you guys really know your stuff. Much more than anyone I have around here.


Rick O
Aerospace Products

Thank you Scott,

David has resolved the issue and corrected your CoC to us. Thank you all for your quick fix!!

Mary R.
Military Parts Distributor

Dear Ryan,

Thank you so much for getting back to me on this and providing a lead to get these produced.

I am confident we will be reaching out to you again on our next spring project. You guys are the best around!

Thank you,

Ryan G.
Aerospace Parts Distribution

Good Morning Gentleman;

Ryan with XXX Aerospace called me yesterday to compliment the service he has received from Katy Spring. He specifically mentioned Ryan, Yvette, David & Carl and said all had been great on following up their commitments and highly professional overall during their interactions “which is hard to find these days”. Ryan also said without a doubt he would be a repeat customer and would recommend Katy Spring to other companies he works with.

Although we’ve received many emails over the years complementing our service it is rare a customer takes the time to call me only to complement our team’s service, very proud of all four of them for the high level service they have shown to Ryan and other customers. Wanted to share this with both of you.

Thank You-

Jason West
General Manager

Katy Spring & Mfg., Inc.

Wow that was fast! Thank you.

Baron K
Senior Mechanical Engineer
Instrumentation Products

You are a ROCK STAR! I can’t remember the last time I received a quote so quickly. Thank you!

Mike R
Fabrication Lead
Military Components

I left the office at around 3:40 PM yesterday and we actually close at 4PM EST so I didn’t see your quote until just now. Brent had asked Ryan to remove the zinc plating, so that has been done now and requoted. Brent is going to look at the spring and your quote and we will get back to you. We appreciate your willingness to work with us.
Thank you,

Katie G
Machine Shop

Hello Scott,

I did receive. Looks good.

Thanks you for quick quote as always.


Velma G
Project Engineers


I just want to thank you and Brian both for being so great with all of this. I know I have exactly made it the easiest PO! I’m still pretty new to this position, so some things I’m pretty foggy on. But I appreciate how helpful you both have been! Thank you so much!

Have a great weekend,

Automotive Spares

Yes Sir, We appreciate your help. Turning my quote in today and hopefully do some business with you.

I looked at your web site, yall did a good job with that, especially doing videos with the people in the shop. Makes the people feel their really part of the company

Glenn L
Lift Products

Hello Scott,

I hope you are doing well. You did good as always. I issued PO XXXX last week. Sense this is a new couplers for us we are starting small but hopefully our next order will be much larger.
I did have to make a correction on the part number but that was my fault. I think everything is going great.

Katy Spring is always good to work with, from sales to the accounting staff everyone seems so nice and helpful.

Thanks for checking in.
Merry Christmas and all the best in 2019!

Tammy D

Dear Ms. Bradford, The magazine release springs (part # 00159) arrived and the .020 wire diameter is going to be the one we go with. These are nice springs.

Thank you,

N.A. N.
Firearms Magazine Manufacturers

Morning Ryan, thanks for tour assistance through this order. I will keep you in mind when reorders come up on other stock springs. Customer service goes a long way.

Tim A
Printing Equipment

Hi Ryan,

Thank you for all of this information, I really appreciate the time you spent looking at this request, I especially appreciate the thoughtful manner that you approached the question.



Anthony V


Yes I did. First time buying springs not sure what to think. We will be ordering 5 springs to start with just to get it on the proto type barrier arm for now.
Everyone was a great help to me. All their efforts is appreciated.

Best Regards,

Tom H
Security Gates

Yes we’ll accept overages – not sure of a % cap (maybe 10%)

How many days early? – I’m not sure on this one. I’d say a week early.

These are good questions. Never been asked by anyone else.

Later man! Please make sure to tell the Katy Spring team that CMS appreciates their service!!

Daniel M
Compressor Production


Your team is awesome!

And I am happy we have a business partner in our logistics flowlike your company.

It has been a pleasure working with your team.

Custom Metal Forming

Matt did an excellent job.

Thank You,
Anthony A

Thank you for your prompt response to this matter!!!


Gina M
Transportation Products

Matt and Scott,

Yes I got your quote and it is fine with us. We figure we’ll go ahead and get 24. (I don’t know why but the boss can’t pass up a bargain)

I will forward the quote to our purchasing person and she will contact you with shipping info and pay for them.

Matt, I will call you tomorrow and double check to make sure we are on the same page with the springs and what we want them to do.

Thanks for the rapid response and look forward to working with you.

Robert Trower
Chemical Extractions


We placed the order yesterday for 100

Great delivery

I hope I can pick up Thursday early am

Worked with Jason and Matt….very helpful and responsive to our need

We use a lot of springs

Thank you


David M
Vice President, Sales and Marketing

Hi Scott,

I don’t yet know how you’ve done as the process is still ongoing. You’re ahead of even me. I had to go out of town Monday – today. I hope to have my drawing done tomorrow, so we know what I’m talking about, and can send it out. But I’m really glad to hear that there are people who will help us out.

Courtney A
Government Contracts

I know this is a small quantity, this item has very small usage but is in customer demand currently. I’ll look forward to your reply, thank you for the quick response.

Thank you,
Jennifer M
Oil field Service Tools

Thank you, a quick response is appreciated.


Ehsun A
Measurement Equipment

Hi Scott,

Yes we did receive it. I emailed Matt thanking him. You guys came very close to the numbers we are looking for. I will be meeting today with a more senior engineer to discuss what our next steps will be; thank you guys for providing a quote in a timely matter.

Best wishes,
Adam S.
Engineering Services

No worries, glad the design values could work out favorably. Thanks for reaching out on this, we definitely appreciate the alternative suggestion to avoid a long lead item.

Andy N

Fueling & Marine Products

Thank you

We will be in touch, you will be my first choice to build my spring inventory.

Have a great afternoon
Tina F
Fabrication Job Shop


I am reviewing supplier scores for the month of March this morning and noticed the Katy Springs numbers. I know that we just put the stocking agreement into place recently and it is likely not 100% implemented, but the numbers are starting to reflect already.

Thought I would share the positive news with you.

Appreciate your good work and support.

Valves and Actuators

Looks good. Thanks again for the extra efforts.
Pending approval, we’ll get these on order.

Offhore Equipment

Scott , yes sir I received quote I’am working on a PR to send our purchasing dept .

Everything seems to be in order , Kind of pricey but it is a specialty item. Is there any way to cut the lead time down from 8 weeks?

Matt did a good job on communicating with me on getting the quote to our specs requirement . So I’am very pleased. You have a good staff .

Thank You,
Anthony A.
Plastics Mfg

I did receive your quote, thank you very much. Surprisingly, you were the only ones who would dare quote them, so I would say that you did very well! We are still in the bid phase at the moment, if it develops into work then I will be sure to pass your information on to our purchasing manager.

Thanks again, Nicholas S

Municipality Fabrication

Hi Scott,

I did receive the quote. Thank you! My experience with your company so far has been outstanding. I can appreciate the fact that you strive to take great care of your customers.

I do appreciate everything and I will keep Katy Spring in mind for anything to come.

Thank you,

Jordan B
Engineering Consultants

Hello Yvette,

Thank you so much for the update. You have no idea how many companies do not do this that I have to chase for answers, such a waste of time. Thank you for the great support. Very much appreciated.

Janelle B
Rupture Discs

HI Yvette,

I just received your voicemail and read your email. This is great service. Thanks to Everyone at Katy Spring. Awesome Work! We do indeed want the 150 overnight please. We are consistently using 150 minimum per week. Teresa will update you with a revised PO with release dates.

Thanks Again
Fitness Equipment


You’re the best! Have a nice holiday

Teresa L
Sporting Equipment

Hi Scott,

Yes. I received your quotes. They are under review at the plant level right now.
If we have any questions, I will let you know.Thank you for the quick response to my RFQ request.

Kind Regards,
Erika M
Oil Exploration

Hi All

I want to thank everyone for a speed help on getting this going for me.


Earl B Instrumentation

Katy Spring

Thanks for making this happen.

Murray W

Downhole Oil Service Tools

Excellent. I received a very prompt quote and then a very prompt receipt. Very polite and professional people on the phone, that were sensitive to my needs.

Randy T.
Government Projects

That is great news!!!! Thanks Yvette and the whole team

Alice W


Hello Ryan,

We sample tested the new batch of production springs, on the high side of our length call out, give us an extra 15% tension at ½ of the free height just as we hoped they would.

Please lock these revised specs into all future Sonic orders and we’ll be all set!

Thanks again & Happy 4th of July…to us all!

Cheers, Dan VBlowers

Hi Scott. I’m always happy to have a responsive, solid vendor to call.
There is a lot of new business here and hopefully many springs coming up for

you to quote. I realize probably much of what Katy Springs gets is considered

“hot”, so I really do appreciate Ryan getting this quote back so quickly. He’s

always been on top of things and that’s great from a purchasing standpoint.

Have a great day.

Ryan, you’re the greatest! Thanks.

Sheila C

Thanks for stopping by Scott. Katy Spring’s reputation precedes you.

I’ve copied Mike and Laura.

Dear Mr. Pitney:

Firstly, Mr. Metcalf provided us excellent service…which is greatly needed & appreciated!

The 1000 quantity cost looks favorable.

Secondly, we are in initial design stage..and it will require ‘some time’ for us to test & analyzer this antenna.
Our next step is to design the mechanical/electrical ‘structure’ upon which the antenna is attached…which will also “take some time”.

As you know, being a new product, we will need to start sales with ‘small quantity’ to get started…can not answer what number ‘small quantity’ is at this time.

We are encouraged in this matter as our customers have been asking for this kind of antenna.

Thank you for the valuable time and attention your company has provided us

Kind regards,
Steve w
Radio Equipment

Mike/Laura – Scott may be able to help us realize some savings on our springs, especially the steel springs we’re currently buying from XXXX.

Todd S
Downhole Casing Equipment

Hi Scott,

I’ll review the quote with the rest of the team, and get back to you.

Thanks for providing the quote. It looks good, and Matt Metcalf also followed up with a call to explain situation with obtaining ASTM A877 valve quality material, which is much appreciated.


Ibe Marcus P.Eng, PMP

Hi Scott,

I’ll review the quote with the rest of the team, and get back to you.

Thanks for providing the quote. It looks good, and Matt Metcalf also followed up with a call to explain situation with obtaining ASTM A877 valve quality material, which is much appreciated.

Ibe M
Chemical Process


You sir are a man of your word.

We will quickly go through your quotation to make sure all inclusions have been made.You will be hearing from me very soon.

Best Regards,
Charlie M
Maintenance Operations


Received the samples about 45 mins ago and performed our inspections….. they look good.

Also quite shocked to have seen the qty-2000 springs show up as well, you guys are awesome. Y’all keep this up and we’ll have a great working relationship.
Joe W

Thank you so much for helping with this. The warehouse will be extremely pleased.

Thank you,
Jessica B Trailer Mfg

Hi Scott,

I had a meeting with XXXX and it went very well.

They are very busy, sales are up and hiring is ongoing.

He has been very happy with Katy Spring’s spring products. We had reviewed the newest Purchase Order that we had just received. He didn’t have really any comments other than that their business is up and very good especially in the Texas cities. They have been having great success growing in TX, LA, GA, NC, and SC, plus CA.

He commented that they cannot believe that our Springs life is significantly better and some of his distributors have mentioned that they don’t receive as much replacement (20% less replacement springs are sold) business now, like they had with their last supplier for Springs. He feels this is a good thing for the company products and its name recognition and reputation spreads, so he is very happy with Katy S.

His comments: an example of our Springs are that they had installed into some new openers in some condo buildings located in the Marina Del Rey area near the beach, have been installed there from our April 2017 delivery and they are still working well with a big smile. They currently have a 1 year warranty on their openers!

They will continue buying the 3, 4, 5, inch Springs from us.

No action items: at this time.

Todd C

Katy Spring Sales Rep for California

Thanks again Scott for swinging by. We look forward to increasing our product line with you guys.


Joe W – Owner/Partner Firearms

Hello guys,

I just wanted to share this with you. Ok, this is not a complaint. I’m just sharing the info.

The original first set installed finally broke. We estimated/guessed it ran for about 125,000 cycles before it quit. In comparison, the springs from other manufacturer were only lasting about 35,000 cycles.

BTW, interestingly enough, both springs on the fence broke at the same time or same day. I had not seen that before.

Let me know.

Thanks and Best Regards,
Ford T
Security Products

Sure, I will be here. The XXXX springs were approved by QC that you just sent us on my order XXX. We appreciate you guys jumping on that for us. Thanks!

Jennifer G
Aircraft Repair

I’d like to take a moment to say we at XXX Inc. really appreciate Katy Spring & MFG, Inc. helping us out of this bind. We realize that this is an error on our part for not getting them order sooner. We are working diligently to improve our forecasting on our end as not to put your business in a bind trying to correct our errors. We value you as a vendor not only because you all make a great product and have outstanding customer service, but also this is not the first time you have come to our rescue. Thank you all very, very much.


Clayton G
Utility Trucks

Thank you so much for getting these back to me so quickly. I have added the cost and lead time, which I will transfer to my system soon. I also added a column of what I expect to order at a time when I place a PO, which will be here soon.

Britt S
Electronic Instrumentation


That is terrific news! Thank you!


Thank you to the Katy Spring team! It is very much appreciated!


Jean S.
Mechanical Seals


Thanks for the quote. Response was prompt (most appreciative of that). Price and, more importantly, delivery is very competitive.

One thing to note. Should we get the order, the PO will be for our Enertech Facility in Brea, CA.

Kelvin K
Control Systems

Hello Scott, happy Friday. I got your quote and passed it on to our buyer. He will take it from here and notify you of any action.

Based on the response time and competitiveness, I will definitely keep you guys in mind for my future projects.

Nathan M
Healthcare Furniture

Hi Ryan,

We received the following reply from the customer in regards to the findings on the springs received on P.O. # 7XXXX. The findings are ok, the torque required for our application should end up somewhere between the ranges shown in the report. You can ship the springs!

We will be sending a Non-Conforming Product Report to document the customer acceptance. I would like to thank everyone for their help, and assistance on these initial springs as we wait for feedback from the customer.

Best Regards,

Jay G
Industrial Hinges

Good afternoon Scott!

Your people made our team look like Heroes! I honestly can’t thank you and your team enough.

We have 3-4 spring vendors from a product line we are in the process of transitioning over and I hope you are in a position to help us on many more. I believe Britt, our sourcing specialist here in Huntsville, is working on a quote package as we speak.

Thanks again!
Brian M

Scott and Ryan, I’d like to thank you both for such quick response and willingness to address my issues.

Everyone I’ve dealt with there has been impressive. It is an honor to work with people of your caliber.

I look forward to working with you very soon.

Have a great weekend, Mark

Mark C
Musical Instruments


Enjoyed visiting with you yesterday. We appreciate the service Katy Spring provides our company.


Mud Pumps


Thank you for your honesty, and efforts.
At this time… no. I am very interested in Katy Springs though.

Like I was telling you on the phone I might like to come down for a visit. Let me get settled back in on springs, and get back in touch with me in a month or so.

Thanks all,

Heath L
Earth-Moving Equipment

KS Team,

Tony took one of our finished parts with a sample you gave us to our customer and they said the part was “absolutely perfect”.

We are now good to go so can you please give me an ETA for a partial?

Thank you,

Shay M
Mechanical Seals


Thanks for reaching out and we have always been pleased with Katy Springs Quality lead time and price. We pride ourselves for being a US manufacturer sourcing only US materials and processes and vendors. Our first order with y’all was our attempt of reverse engineering springs in hand in lieu specifications. This time around we are able to a gather the exact specification and wanted to enhance by zinc plating. After Ryan walked us through all of our options to maintain the mechanical life enhance corrosion resistance we came up with a recipe to be above the common spec. We do not sell the springs retail we simply include them in the products that we manufacture ourselves here in the great state of Texas with only USA sourced material. As long as you can guarantee the material used to create our products are USA source material and you can help us out with this 10,000 piece order needed immediately not zinc plated to expedite delivery, we are willing to place 100,000 piece order of the same to be zinc plated to eliminate hand to mouth inventory. We will be willing to also give you our next spring which for a product we make that requires two of the same spring equaling a total of 200,000 required. I apologize sometime I can be long-winded on vendors I’m pleased with.

If I have your commitment to above we will continue to purchase springs from you exclusively until I have no more springs left that we require. Currently there’s about seven that I will need, and I haven’t looked beyond that but I’m sure there’s more.

Only thing left is I need to figure out what kind of NDA if any we need to operate under in doing business with you.

Thanks for reaching out.

Chris A.
Machining Fabrication


Yes, I received the quote and we were very pleased. I’d like to thank you and your team, we had a very productive meeting today and Ben was kind enough to give me a tour of the facility…very cool. Jason exceeded our expectations and conducted business at the speed we value here at our company. It was impressive to have a quote in my inbox before I got back to the shop. As soon as we can confirm the required specs on our end and we make sure we are on the same page, we will be sending over a P.O. It should not take very long. Scott, we really appreciate our relationship with Katy Spring Mfg., and we know how important quality vendors are to our success. We are looking forward to our continued business. Have a great week.


Christopher M
Medical Products

Hey Scott,

Prices were absolutely great. I sent the bid off for review. We will keep you informed and continue to request quotes from Katy Spring. Thank you so much.

Aubrey C
Mechanical Seals

Hi Scott, yes price was very competitive, unfortunately a supplier out here has stock and our customer needs it right away.

You guys are extremely helpful and always quick to respond, we don’t do a lot in springs in this location but will continue to look for opportunities to send your way.

Rob S.
Fastener Distributor

Scott Pitney,
We have been well pleased with your springs and service.

Thank you,
Galen M.

Wow great news!
Thank you so much!
Have a great day!

Anthony V
Commercial Hardware


Thanks for taking the time to review your quoting. I know with Katy Spring I will get on-time delivery and good service. We will continue ordering the springs through you for the upcoming year and I hope demand is as strong as last year for us! I’m sure for Texan’s – 2018 will be better than 2017, with the Hurricane and all the flooding that took place last year!

Doug E


Thanks for reaching out and we have always been pleased with Katy Springs Quality lead time and price. We pride ourselves at being a US manufacturer sourcing only US materials and processes and vendors. Our first order with y’all was our attempt of reverse engineering springs in hand in lieu specifications. This time around we are able to a gather the exact specification and wanted to enhance by zinc plating. After Ryan walked us through all of our options to maintain the mechanical life enhance corrosion resistance we came up with a recipe to be above the common spec. We do not sell the springs retail we simply include them in the products that we manufacture ourselves here in the great state of Texas with only USA sourced material. As long as you can guarantee the material used to create our products are USA source material and you can help us out with this 10,000 piece order needed immediately not zinc plated to expedite delivery, we are willing to place 100,000 piece order of the same to be zinc plated to eliminate hand to mouth inventory. We will be willing to also give you our next spring which for a product we make that requires two of the same spring equaling a total of 200,000 required. I apologize sometime I can be long-winded on vendors I’m pleased with.

Chris A
Contract Manufacturing

Thank you for the quick response!

Thank you,
Kasey M
Purchasing Manager
Injection Molded Assemblies

Good Morning Scott,
I went ahead and pulled all of the springs we have tied to BOM’s. As you can see, we don’t have much demand at this point especially in the Inconel springs but with the current changes our Engineering department is making we should start seeing an increase in this demand in the future. It may be best to check back in the next couple of months and run this again after the BOM changes have been made and we have had a chance to deplete our pre-existing inventory in 302 and 316.

In the meantime, if you can keep supporting us like you have for our recent monel inquiries I will continue to send you all of our non-stock orders.

Kevin S

Hi Scott,
We are doing a final review to determine which of the two springs we would like to proceed with.
We will let you know shortly.Thanks for the quick response!

Bradley K

Mechanical Seals

Hi Scott ,
I received the revised quote and it looks great .I appreciated working with Patrick and thank him for the his efforts .The mines do not move very fast but I will forward them the information and recommend that they proceed to order the revised design. Thank you for working with me and providing all the technical information

Tony K
Mining Equipment

Thank you for all your help on this project!

Sean P
Filter Products

First I’m seeing the updated quote. Thanks for passing along. You guys have been super helpful.
I have passed on contact info for Katy to the contractor.
Good luck!

Brian P

Hello Scott,
I did receive your quote – appreciate the quick response.

Thank You,
Jeff T.
Electrical Transformers


My RFQ to Katy Spring is merely to obtain the current price so that I can generate a purchase order. We use you guys exclusively and do not send out any other quote requests. We appreciate the service you provide our company.




Oilfield Service Tools

You guys were excellent. I have worked with many vendors over the years. There seems to be a tendency to become complacent as relationships develop, particularly in this industry. However, I cannot say that Katy Spring falls into that category. When I am in a bind I can always count on you to provide options which are quick, realistic, and always met. Thank you for the excellent service that you provide.


Cedric H
Pump Components

Hey Scott,
Prices were absolutely great. I sent the bid off for review. We will keep you informed and continue to request quotes from Katy Spring.

Thank you so much.
Aubrey C
Mechanical Seals


We have been blessed to work with such a great group of people. We wish you and your families a very Merry Christmas and a great 2018! Best Regards

Jennifer S.

Oil and Gas Equipment

Hello Scott, Thank you for following up. Yes, Casey has been doing a great job and I submitted a PO to him yesterday.

Best Regards,

Nathan W.

Geophysical Instrumentation

Katy Springs Team,

I appreciate your help with bringing these parts in, we are almost out the water. I wanted to prepare you guys by informing you that we will be requesting a quote and placing an order for another 80 pcs with a need date for early Feb 2018 by the end of the week.


Roberto R

Aerospace Products


Your response was very quick compared to what I have seen and the lead times looked great and exactly right where I would like them to be.

Trevor W.


Hi Scott,

Yes, received quote. You’re the only one I sent it to. You’ve done well for me and I’m not one to send to every spring guy out there.I am waiting to hear cost for material and passivation certs.

Thank you, Mona M Aircraft


Pretty good, in fact my management was hoping to see what a qty (300) pricing would be like as this is closer to our more consistent order sizes. This was to check pricing on a smaller R&D batch but we are also interested in seeing how larger scale is priced. I have nothing but good things to say about Katy’s quality from my past experiences with another company, and I am hopeful to be able to utilize your quality springs at this organization as well.

Best regards,

Andy N

Design Engineer II

Valve Manufacturer

Good Morning Jason,

I hope all is well with you. I have attached you’re on time delivery for September -October 2017 it 91.92%. Katy Spring is doing a great job, we are hoping as you continue to monitor this you will reach a goal of 95-98%.

If for any reason you need any help, please feel free to contact me.

Thank You,

Glenda C.

Custom Rubber Molding


Great service and fast quote return.

Thank you,

Dave C. Machine shop services

Congratulations Carl I am sure you will do a great job in keeping the tradition of excellence for Katy Spring

Greatly appreciated, Ryan, from you and your team.

Neil J

Car Wash Mfg.


I appreciate the quick response! This is why I come to Katy.

Baron K.
Automation Products

Hi Scott,

Katy Spring is doing an awesome job & we enjoy working with you. Also thanks again for the referrals.


Mary M

Air Compression Systems

Please disregard the corrective action. I appreciate you getting these to me so fast!!

Jackie C
ISO Compliance Supervisor

Thank you Ryan!! The level of support we’re now seeing on this order is AWESOME.

I appreciate it

S. Robertson



Thank you for working so hard on this. I knew I could count on you to make things happen!

Sue R.


I am entering an order in the next hour for this item!

Such a great team at Katy Springs!

Thank you
April G


I wanted to thank you and your team for coming to XXXX and participating in our lunch and learn. The professional way you handled your presentation, as well as your extensive knowledge, certainly was appreciated by all who attended. I have had many comments on how much they enjoyed your presentation.

I appreciate the relationship our companies have with one another, and know that will continue to grow in the years to come.

Thanks again!

Daniel C

Thanks very much for the visit gentlemen. Nice of you to take time and schedule a trip up here. It was great to see all of you and discuss the business.
We appreciate all your efforts to take care of our needs, the consistent quality, and customer service you provide.
Have a great day – best, Tom
Tom M.

Good Afternoon. We truly appreciate your team coming and putting on the presentation for the our team. We appreciate the partnership that we have developed over the years with Katy spring and the value that your company places on customer service.

Best Regards
Jennifer S
Valves and Accuators

Glad we found you all, we will have others for you later down the road.

Best Regards,

David M
Metal Components Distributor

Hi Scott,

Yes I did get the quote. Daniel has been providing excellent support. Thank you.

FYI, I placed a PO today, though it might take a couple of days for our buyers to process it and get it approved. I still have two more designs to obtain but I will be contacting Daniel for additional details later.

Thanks again for your support.

Hugo E. P
Nuclear Products

Hey Ryan,

Sorry for the late response – I’ve been unbelievably busy! I have some new hires starting Monday so that should help me stay focused on the accounting/purchasing side.

It’s an understatement to say that the operation Katy Spring has built is impressive. I’ve been telling folks ever since I visited that what I witnessed at your facility epitomizes the American business dream. Everyone has a very professional & welcoming demeanor that is centered on being customer service oriented. This also includes the hard-work in that awesome shop. Oh…and Mr. Pitney is pretty cool too 😉

I very much appreciate the opportunity I had to visit Katy Spring’s shop and look forward to conducting business with you.

Thank you for the email – I look forward to hearing back.

Ryan D
Oilfield Service Instrumentation

You guys are awesome thanks!

Teresa L
Fitness Equipment


I just wanted to follow up and thank you for the help you have given us on this project. We greatly appreciate everything that was done to accomplish this goal for these springs to be expedited.

Thank you,

Robert Flavin
Mechanical Seals


Good morning.

Yes, I received your quote. Casey did great job and was very patient and helpful. We’ll be placing the order today.

Thanks, Dieter T.

Power Spray Equipment

Hello Scott,

I did get the quote. The pricing was great. I submitted out quote to the buyer late Friday.

I hope to hear something back soon.

I appreciate you guys working so hard on this one, Casey was very responsive.


Ashley W.

Government Sourcing

Scott and Daniel,

Just wanted to let you know I have received the new springs that I had ordered from you. They look great. I will be working in my build next week. Again thanks for your help. Will be contacting you on some other new projects that I will need your assistance on once I finish this one.

Todd K.

Sporting Goods Equipment

Hi Ryan and team,

Thanks for getting this addressed in a prompt manner. We really appreciate the commitment in implementing the appropriate corrective actions.


Gary S

Compressor Parts


I sure did receive the price estimate, you and your team does a fine job.


Fallan H.


Yes. I received the quote.

Hard for me to say on the pricing without digging into it more.

But Daniel’s customer service was great.

Thank you.

Joe S

First off Scott, thank you for your quality products and quick turn around times on our orders. We just spoke on the phone and per your request I am sending you the specs of what we need out of our set of springs.

Dan M.

Vibration Products

Hi Ryan,

The responsiveness and support by Katy has been excellent, something that you don’t find across the board these days so it is greatly appreciated !

Dan R.


As discussed. Thanks for coming through and getting us the parts in such a tight timeline.
I am very very thankful for that.

Medical Furniture

Scott,We received the quote. Thank you.
We also just received the springs we ordered from you, thanks for the rush on that and they look great.
We are very impressed with you guys work!

Thanks again Scott!


Cameron B
Defense Weapons

You should see a PO shortly. Thank you for your teams quick response.
Ehsun A.
Medical Devices

Hi Ryan:

Thank you for your partnership and continued support.

Have a Great Day!
Shannon M

Yea, you guys have done a great job, got back to me promptly and worked with me on creating a spring to suit my needs.
Ray S
Packaging Technology

HI Scott:

We had emailed previously that the springs were not placed in bags when shipping to our facility.

We are now receiving the springs in bags and we greatly appreciate this extra step you are taking to help us out.

Thank you Scott for all of your help, I really appreciate it!!!
Shannon M

Good morning Scott,
First off I’d like to say it was nice talking with you last month and it’s refreshing to have a vendor that cares enough about their customer to give them a call every now and again just to see what’s up. I appreciate that.
That being said I have attached my PO #XXXX for some springs.
Thank you
Steve R
Security Gate Manufacturing

Yes, I received everything that I needed. Thanks for the quick response.

Tyler P
Government Services

Hello Scott,
I did receive the quote in a timely manner, and the prices on the quote were reasonable prices. Thank you and your team for the fast quotes.
Josh E

Hi Scott, This is David, please send correspondence to me.
Y’all are doing a great job (as usual).
David O.
Water Processing Equipment

Hello All,
First let me say “Thank You” for your on time delivery, you have made a lot of progress since I sent you the email back in April 2017. As of today your on time delivery is running 92.31%. I appreciate your hard work on this.
As you may know I will be sending you a email each month to let you know your progress.
Keep up the great work.
Thank You,
Glenda C.
Oilfield Service Tools

Hi Scott,
Great hearing from you.
Katy Spring has have always done what we asked, sometimes even more.
We had been very busy until recently. I have enough work on my desk to keep me busy.
Sandy P.
Medical Products

Appreciate the fast response. Need to travel into Omaha sometime this week to ship spring to Katy. I will send you an email when it is on its way. Thanks.
Ray U
Custom Manufacturing

Hi Scott,
Please see below…

Great job and big thank you to your team!

Thank you.

Joseph Y.
Instrumentation Products

Awesome!! Big Help!!
Hope to have the PO to you later today, tomorrow at the latest!!!

Your company is definitely wonderful to work with. Thank you!

Best Regards,
Bobbi C.
Aerospace Components

Ok, thanks so much for your extra effort on these
Haley M

WOW! thank you so much for everything.
I will update the PO now and resend to Mr. Jason

Thank you
April G
Instrumentation Products

Good morning Carl,
Thanks for the follow up. Looking forward to the continued partnership with Katy Spring!
Travis A

I appreciate the follow up and you taking another look at this.
We’ll see how it goes.
Thanks for being a great supplier.
Best Regards,
Joe F


Kyle S
Truck Bodies

Yes, and it is just what we need and in our range, I have our purchaser putting together a requisition to move forward with getting these made.
Thank you so much your team has saved us quite a lot of headache with this project.

Joshua J

Thank you very much for the quick turnaround! I have presented this quote to our team .

Thank you
April G
Seal Products

Dear Scott,

Sorry, for the delay.
We very much appreciate your quote. Please proceed with our PO#XXX.

We at XXXX Rifle Company very much appreciate all that you do for us.
Wishing you and your company a blessed Easter.
Shelly Strosnider

Yes, I did
It looks good. I think we can be competitive with this pricing.

Thank you for your quick turnaround Scott, really impressive.
I will let you know as soon as I hear from the customer.

Greg S.
Industrial Pumps

Hi Scott,
Thank you for your follow up email. Daniel Zepeda was very thorough with his questions and was able to prepare the quote very quickly. At this moment I am just waiting for my boss’s green light and should be placing a PO right after.

Thanks again for your support,
Andy K.
Downhole Products

Scott and Daniel,
Thank you very much for your assistance with this request. We truly appreciate the support!
Lee C
Oilfield Valve Products

I will continue to quote request from you guys as things come up. Thanks Scott, everyone at Katy Spring has been responsive.

Judy M
Oilfield Service Tools

The biggest thing we are looking for is quality and OTD and I would say Katy Springs does a great job of that already.
Eric R
Fluidics Systems

I appreciate the pleasant promptness and experience with Katy Spring.
Paulina N

Thanks Carl! You guys are awesome!! J
Angela B

Thank you Scott!
That covers the main points we went over this morning. I’ve had a great experience working with your team so far and look forward to a productive future.
Zua D

You are most welcome Scott – and thanks again for the quick turnaround, we appreciate it…. J

Lee M

Developing a new product is challenging. We needed custom springs to develop the exercise device. Before working with Katy Springs we had contacted two other companies. They were not very responsive or helpful. Daniel Zapeda at Katy Springs was very knowledgeable and instrumental in designing the correct springs for the project. Your pricing is also better than your competitors.

Norm G CEO Exercise Equipment

Scott/Jason/ Carl,
I really appreciate your support to NMC, you guys have always been customer centered and have provided great service whenever needed.
Muhammad K.

Oil and Gas Surface Products

Hi Scott,
Yes, we did, and thank you for it!
We appreciate you letting us hold the same price for our customer, and confident enough in your pricing you were the only one we submitted this part to this time around, so we’re definitely using your quote to move forward quoting our customer. I don’t have a whole lot of customer who send us requests for springs, but when I do you’re the first source we go to. Very impressed with the excellent customer service we’ve always received.
Thanks again, and hope you have a great weekend!
Best regards,
Mike S
Parts Distribution

Hello Everyone,
Thanks again for designing a spring for us. I have tested it out and it works great! I will be working with my purchasing department to order more soon.
Thanks again!
Nick S
Power Products

Hi Ryan
Thank you for following up with me. I really appreciate all you have done for us to take care of our customers. I will let you if I need anything else.

Enjoy your day.

Machined Components


The quotes are looking good. We are going through a new initiative with outsourcing making the final product spring. Daniel and his colleagues have been helping a lot in this transition and everything is moving smoothly.

Thank you,
Rob F.
Drilling Products

Hi Scott,
I cut PO yesterday to you guys. Keep up the good work J
Darren K
U.S. Navy Components

Awesome – thank you Jason!! You guys are truly life savers and this is why we’re loyal (one of the many reasons!)

Thank you! Daniel

Daniel M.
Compressor Parts

Dear Scott,

It was a pleasure meeting with you and your team. We really appreciated your hospitality and professionalism. Also, thank you for giving us a tour of your shop. You have a very clean and organized shop and have a better understanding of our capabilities.

We see a good potential in teaming up with your company to bring more value added solutions to our current and future customer base.

Looking forward to a mutually beneficial relationship.

Srini G.
Job Shop Manufacturing

Hello Scott,

Thank you for reaching out to me. Patrick did such a great job with his timeliness in submitting his quote that I do not have any other responses to compare your costs to.

Thank you for your support!
Len S.

Aircraft Components

Wonderful service!

Eric A.

Chemical Mfg.

Attached are photos of the spring installed on the printed box. Overall it is excellent, almost a perfect fit. The force exerted on the lid feels just about right.
The long vertical legs are not fully on the mandrel, so I will extend the length .040 on each. During installation the coils will have to be pushed apart as much as possible….small detail.

Thanks for the quick turn on these protos!

Mike M
Trucking Assemblies

Your quote response was very quick which will prove to be super helpful for these rush projects!


Jake K

Supplier Evaluation Report

Period: 7/1/2016 to 9/30/2016

CSR: Customer Service

From: Norma M.

Dear Supplier:

Please review the attached Evaluation Report, it contains information about Your Performance for this
period. As you can see the score, your statistical performance is


Norma M.



We received your springs and wanted to give you some feedback here.

You guys have batted one out of the ballpark. I have only tried 3 or so of them, but each has done exactly what we needed it to do, and we did have some unusual and demanding requirements. Thank you very much, we’re very, very happy with this spring. I hope we can work together on refinements to this in future. Thank you very much for putting the time into getting our documentation/tolerances consistent with what you can achieve – that truly helps us during the industrialization process.

Christopher H.

Oil and Gas Industry

Dear Cynthia,

Thank you for your communication and lead time confirmation.
Montana Rifle Company appreciates all that you do for us.


Shelly S.
Rifle Manufacturing

Just wanted to let you know that the new wires are working much better in our products. Please tell everyone that worked on this project that we are very pleased and thank them for working on this project.
Greg H.
Optical Products


Yes, we did. Daniel has been very helpful, thank you!

Thank you,
Katie S.

Hunting Products

Good morning, Scott

We did – The quote looked good and I like the fact that you provided a larger Qty at a discounted cost. So far – you’re my #1 vendor.

Kind regards and thanks for following-up!

Maria B

Good afternoon Ryan,

Thank you for taking care of this unfortunate matter in such a conscientious and expeditious manner. I believe I am going to enjoy working with Katy very much!

If I can be of any further assistance, please do not hesitate to write or call.

Have a lovely day.


Mary R.

Unites States Air Force

Dear sir,

Please find the below our Quality & Delivery rating against the component supplied
by you during the Month of AUGUST 2016

Your performance during this period is found ” EXCELLENT ”
As your overall rating ‘A*’ category.

Quality Rating : 60% (Max -60, Min-54)

Delivery Rating : 40% (Max-40 , Min-20)

Total : 100% (Max-100, Target – 80 Min)

Overall rating : A* (A*/ A / B / C / D)



Please find your performance report and late PO’s attached. I ran this report from Month of May to today’s date.

Zero NCR.

Please communicate with your buyers.

Great performance.

Jesse N
Drilling systems

Scott Pitney,
We received the 2nd quote and will be sending down an additional 10 springs for torque testing only (in about 2 weeks). For now that is all the testing that needs to be done. We are very happy with the testing and excellent service that we received from the entire team at Katy Spring. Thanks again for all the support.

Thank You,

Richard K.
Air Quality


Please find your performance report and late PO’s attached. I ran this report from Month of May to today’s date.

Zero NCR.

Please communicate with your buyers.

Great performance.

Jesse N
Drilling systems

Good Morning, Scott,

I have previously done some business with your company while employed at Prysmian Cable in Lexington, SC. I was very pleased with your professionalism and service. Daniel has provided us with a quote and we are discussing specifics, at this time. I am trying to decide whether to use stainless steel or iron for the springs. We will place an order soon.

Thanks and Best Regards,

Phill M.
Off-road Vehicles


I am forwarding the response I sent to Daniel

Thank you for the quick turnaround!

Julie M.
Swimming Pool Accessories

Good Morning
Thank you for the prompt response on quoting these springs.
Amanda was very complementary about our team responding so fast.
Bill T
Custom Metal Components Distributor


I really appreciate yall working with me on this item. Your company was the only one willing to get me a quote back and answer all my questions quickly. We won the bid off of your pricing so you should see the PO come across next week. We have to do a part set up internally before we can place a PO.

Daniel was a huge help since our customer has some strict requirements on where the material was melted.

Thank you all,
Kelsie M
Government Contracts

I just wanted to thank you for your prompt service on these springs we bought for our customer. They are extremely happy with pricing, quality and delivery of the springs.


Brian B


Thank you I have given it to my customer who is going to order direct from you. I did that because I have no value to add to this order and you are a great company to deal with.


George P
Machine Shop

Hi Scott,

I did receive the quote and was very impressed with the calculations. I would like to weigh the upper structure before I order. I will be getting back to you soon with the correct static load.

Thank you

Jim B.

Mechanical Designer

Brilliant. These updates are incredibly appreciated.
Entirely happy to see these continually sent in.

Thanks for the dedication.

Ryan N

You people

Are awesome

Thank you,
Shannon P.
Tactical Weapons

Thank you so much for the follow up on this and the continued great service !!!!!!!!!!

Thank you
April G.
Flow Products

Thank you for the quick turn around on these parts. I was able to get them out to my customer for the end of the month. Thank you for all your help!!

Carissa S.
Custom Designed Products

Hello Patrick and Daniel,

Thank you so much for the quick response! I love a company that doesn’t mess around J

Attached is my new PO including expedite. I’ve also attached our credit reference sheet and resale cert. Could you please send me back your W-9?

Regarding payment terms, I don’t want anything held up so if we need to pay by credit card or check – no problem.

We look forward to doing business with you.


Mary M.
Engineered Blower Systems

Yes, sir! I am actually reviewing it now. You’re the quickest to respond and the price looks good so that’s a plus.

Randy O.
Medical Devices


We have to get the other quotes in before a decision is made.We have to have 3 to submit to the purchasing dept..Yours was the fastest, everyone else I am still awaiting reply..

Thanks for your quick response

Jay D

Medical Equipment

Thank you Scott,

We look forward to working with you for the blanket orders. It is very much appreciated!


Jean S.
Blow Out Preventers

Thank you so much, Jason!

I really appreciate all the work that you and the team at Katy Spring are doing to make this transition the best possible.

Thanks again!

Jeff P.
Valve Distributor

Hi Scott,

Everything looks fine. I am meeting with the president over the next two days and I need to see how he would like to move forward. I will be in contact with you over the next few days and we’ll see how we can work this. I really appreciate the quick responses to all my inquiries.
Thank you!

Jon D.
Sign Manufacturer

Good afternoon Carl!!

That is great news… Thanks to you and your team!!

The balance of the order please ship normal transportation.

Good to know I can account on your excellent customer service..

Have a wonderful rest of the week

Thanks Daniel for all the quotes!!

I will submit to my customer…

Again, thanks for being such a great supplier for us.

Ellie K.
Aircraft Rebuilders

On the po I just issued this morning? WOW, fantastic!

Bill A.
Surface Equipment

Hi Scott,

Yes, we did receive your quote. Thank you for the quick turnaround.

Sara P.
Contract Manufacturing

Thank You Jason and everyone involved a Katy (including your material vendor) for this excellent service. Your prompt attention, and response to our emergency was superior, and is much appreciated by everyone here.

Physical Fitness Equipment

Hi yes I just got it and we are waiting on a PO from customer thank you soo soo much for getting back to me so quickly! Made my day

Patty J.
Fastener Distribution

Thank You Jason and everyone involved a Katy (including your material vendor) for this excellent service. Your prompt attention, and response to our emergency was superior, and is much appreciated by everyone here.


Physical Fitness Equipment

Hi Scott,
Yes, I received the quote, it looks good. Received it pretty quickly which was nice.

Thank you,
Rick K.
Nuclear Equipment

I would like to say when asked to step up you all delivered above and

You have held and even reduced pricing which in this environment is amazing.
You’ve held you’re breath when we went to net 60ish and you still manage to
supply our company with goods.

I can’t speak to the Accounting side of things since they are in Houston,
but on the procurement side you all have been amazing.

Thank you.

Darrell D.
Oilfield Service Tools

Carl, Scott,

We shipped and the springs to our customer and they were pleased. Thanks for your help with this part.


Russ L.

Disc Storage Devises

I’ll have to say that I’m amazed that the price was the same since the time span
since my last order . Good job within your co.

Marion W.
Home Textiles


Thanks for the support from your team!


Nestor A.
Mechanical Seals

Thank you for the outstanding job, you have been a life saver.

Joe R.
Metal Fabrication

Thank you all for your prompt response.
I submitted a PO above few minutes ago, Please expediting the order, hope we can have the spring in February.
Again, thank you so very much for your support, have a great weekend!


Eric Z
Instrumentation Products

Thank you again Scott for Katy Spring’s support! We would like to know what open orders we have with you in order to coordinate our blanket orders to make sure we don’t run out of springs.
Hope those leads turn into customers! I’ll follow up and give them a call too.

Daniel M.
Mechanical Seals


The springs were received today and inspected. All looks good. I appreciate the service and especially getting them here a couple of days early. This was a very big help.

Best Regards
Jason G.

We appreciate your attention and quick response in getting this resolved. It’s been a big help to us and our customer.

Thank You.

Best Regards,
Joseph F.
Rubber Seals


Below is Katy Springs’ On-Time Delivery graph for the month of November. Great job!!


Darrell D

You have been a great fit my spring needs. I have been very pleased with pricing, delivery, and best of all the quality of parts.
Enjoy the rest of your day.

Thank you,

Inside Sales


I sent over a PO for the order of the 6” springs this morning to Daniel. The price that you folks came back with was very competitive and I appreciate you revisiting the pricing for me.

Chris M
Pipeline Inspection Equipment

Keep up the good work.

Alfredo B.
Quality Technician
Drilling Systems


I appreciate Katy Spring getting back to us so quickly!


Louis D.
Pumping Products

It’s only one piece but it may lead to more opportunities. Daniel quoted it accordingly. Thanks for checking with me. David is right, Katy is a lot easier to work with than Century.

Best regards,
Tom H.
Pneumatic Cylinders

Your guys were very helpful direction engineering with the correct solution.
Thanks for the help.

Tim M.
Fluid Control Products

Dear Supplier:
Please review attached Evaluation Report,it contains information about your performance for this period. As you can see the score, your statistical performance is 100% EXCELLENT PERFORMANCE, CONGRATULATIONS

If you have any question, please do not hesitate to call me.

Norma M.
Communications Equipment

Scott and Jason,

As you know, On-Time Delivery is an integral part of our success and our ability to produce product efficiently to our customer. This year, we have placed a strong focus on On-Time Delivery throughout the entire company. In our quest to continually seek out new and creative ways to excite On-Time Delivery, every Quarter, a report will be sent out via email conveying On-Time Delivery by commodity. The purpose of this is to proactively communicate where each supplier stands in relation to the performance of other suppliers producing the same commodity.

Katy Spring Supplier Code: A








Keep up the great work!





Thanks to you and your team on turning this project quickly.



Oilfield Service Tools


Thanks very much for an “above and beyond” effort to get us a quote quickly and to offer to cut three weeks off your normal delivery time ARO. That’s very impressive and appreciated. I certainly will mention your exceptional customer focus in discussions with others.

The very useful drawing also makes me concerned that we have too many coils or that the material needs to be stronger as the spring cannot be solid with 736 lbs. load in this application. Although I am an engineer, I’ve never tried specifying springs before and therefore am unaware of how the specifications interact. However, I’m sure we could have figured it out.

Best regards,


Performance Automotive Racing

Katy Spring & Mfg., Inc.
3535 Schlipf Road
Katy, TX 77493

Dear Valued Supplier,

In our efforts to better manage the flow of business, one of the processes undergoing review is our Vendor On-Time Delivery. At this time we are striving to attain a 90% average rate. We are pleased to notify you that the review from the previous quarter has shown that your delivery average is 100.00%.

We ask that you continue providing On-Time Delivery to us, as it is greatly appreciated and duly noted. It is our goal to continually “raise the bar”. Thank you for your efforts in assisting us in doing so

Kind regards,


Sourcing Procurement Specialist

Aerospace Components


Thanks for your help on this part. It’s a good job all the way around. Kudos to your team.


Compressor Parts

Thank you Scott. You made possible for XXX to meet their customer needs and to maintain our promise to them to ship on time

Your help made this happen.

Much appreciated.
Bobbie G.
Oilfield Equipment

That is perfect.
I can’t thank you enough for bending like that and helping us out.
Here is the signed approval drawing sir.
Let me know if there’s anything else you guys need.
Mike W. Hydraulic Products

Thank you for the prompt delivery.

Springs look good


Jake K
Ammunition Mfg.

Hey Scott,

We received this order. A big thank you to you and your team!

Scott B.

Hello Scott,

It was a pleasure speaking with you today.

I want to start off by sharing how pleased we are with your company.

Everyone whom I have ever dealt with has been extremely time managed and a professional above reproach. It has been an absolute pleasure working with your companies employees. We rarely find a company of your caliber to enjoy doing business with on a regular basis. Most companies in our industry either have a tremendous turn over or they are sold and restructured with almost no one left to carry on a success story during the transition. I wished every company we dealt with had the intestinal fortitude of your workforce.

Randy C.

Aerospace Components

Compression Springs







JDW Valve Products

March 13, 2015

Jason West
Katy Spring & Mfg Inc.
3535 Schlipf Road
Katy, TX 77493

Dear Jason,

We are committed to identifying and partnering with preferred suppliers for our critical products/services. Suppliers need to maintain an on-time delivery and quality rating of 90% or above to be considered approved.

Performance is based on the following criteria when it is determined to be the Supplier’s responsibility:

Late Deliveries
Failure to Notify us of Delivery Date or Quantity Changes
PO Confirmation of delivery dates and pricing at time of order
Notification of delivery delays prior to shipment
Notification of PO Line quantity changes prior to shipment
Rejected Parts Due to Quality

Your 2014 Supplier Performance Rating: Approved
On Time Score: 98% Quality Score: 100%

We appreciate your continued efforts to provide to us with products/services that meet our quality and on-time delivery requirements.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Dee U.
Materials Manager

Hi Talton-

Just wanted to send you an update that these were received and passed FAI. I will be providing your info to the buyers and requesting them to quote upcoming orders with you.

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.


Paul D. Oilfield Service Equipment

“Thank you for checking in. Katy Spring is doing a great job. I will keep you in mind.

Have a great week,

“Please pass on my personal thanks for the way this order was packaged…nice job! Arrived in good order.

Best regards,
George Z.

“…love how much you are about your on-time delivery score with us!”

Emily C.
Oilfield Valves

“Talton turner is extremely helpful.”

Christine G. Rubber
Seals Manufacturer

“Katy designed a spring for us that works great!”
Stewart W.
Diesel Parts Distributor

“I will continue to use Katy Spring for al of my spring needs as long as they continue to work with me, as they did this year.
Management worked with me to keep the cost down. I appreciate all the support and attention Katy Spring was able to offer.
Jordon P.
Turbine Products

“We are very satisfied with the service that we receive and the quality of items that we purchase from Katy Spring.”
Don H.
Machined Components

“Everyone is very professional and responsive to all queries. I look forward to a long mutually beneficial relationship with Katy Spring.”
Melinda T.
Spare Parts Distributor

“Katy is a very dependable supplier for us. No issues.
John W.
Valve and Pipe Fitting Products

“Katy (Spring) is our custom spring manufacturer and does a great job.”
Jim P.
Vacuum Parts and Products

“We are a new customer and to date very pleased with the working relationship as well as the quality of each item, delivery time and fair pricing. We look forward to a long happy relationship between our companies.”
Tammy D.
Pressure Couplers

“Katy Spring is a very dependable supplier for us. We appreciate your service”
Pat G
Lifting and Material Handling Products

“We are happy that we can have the springs for our balers manufactured here in the USA…we have placed 2 orders since 2011 or 2012, the first order was 1000 springs and very durable….”
Phil L
Agricultural Products

“Thanks for all your great service”
David P
Oilfield Service Tool Products

“Great customer service, when a sales rep tells you they will get back to you within a certain time, they actually do promptly. Keep up the good work!”
Nacho M
Motorcycle Parts and Tools

“We are happy with your quality and service”
Jim B.
Smokers and Barbecue Pits

“We appreciate the great service and quality product that we receive”
Jolene R.
Unknown Industry

“Daniel Zepeda has been a pleasure to work with-especially considering I have no past experience with springs- Katy Spring and Daniel helped me through the process”
Jerry M
Golf Equipment

“Keep up the great work!!!”
Unknown Industry

“Excellent service and competitive prices”
Stephen L.
Restraint Systems

“We buy a lot of springs…I believe Katy Spring has all of them”
Mike W.
Fitness Equipment

“All is well with Katy Spring. I have very few issues, and that’s a very positive claim. We look forward to continuing our business together.”
Lauren H.
Retail Store Fixtures

“We very much appreciate the component parts Katy Spring supplies.”
Joe W.
Government Components

“Quality of springs is very good. We appreciate your service as one of our vendors.”
Roger M.
Oilfield Service Valves

“Keep up the good work!”
Unknown Industry

“Appreciate Katy Spring for quality and on time deliveries”
Dayne F.
Check Valves


I have received the 3 springs ordered as E-XXXX-1, -2 AND -3, and I see the measurements accompanying each spring. These look very good. Please thank those involved

Greg P.
Pump Manufacturer

“Thank you Katy Spring!,You are the bomb, thank you very much!

Kind Regards,

Stacy S.
Pipe Support Equipment

“Thank you for taking time to show me around and thank you for the quick response with the drawing. We are looking forward to a very long happy working relationship between our two companies, I feel like I made some new friends today.

Jason, thank you also for taking time to say hello and make sure I didn’t have any questions. It looks to me that Katy Springs has a very bright future ahead.

Have a GREAT Day!
Tammy D.
Pressure Couplers and Devices”


We appreciate the level of professionalism with which this was handled. As we continue to grow, we know who our spring supplier will be.

Have a great week end!

Roy C.
Down Hole Oilfield Tools”

“I am working with Daniel Zepeda. The original quote I had some questions and requests and Daniel has been extremely helpful updating his paperwork and answering questions to meet my needs.

We are still working out some kinks, as I am not a spring expert, but Daniel has been very helpful and patient while I understand what I need.

Five out of Five stars!


Joe E.
Electrical Components”


I received your quotation. I have had you guys quote for me in the past on some equipment I was designing and I was extremely pleased with your response times and pricing. Therefore, I did not ask anyone else to quote. I am using your pricing as part of my overall quotation and if I get the job, I will order from you

Eddie H.
Hydraulic and Fabrication Services”

“thank you
original quote received within 24 hours
2nd quote received a couple hours after my request
excellent service from the quote guy Daniel
i quote all my springs with only you guys
i don’t want to wait a week or two for a spring quote
and it can happen with other companies.

thanks again

J.D. W
Precision Valves”

“I only quote with katy spring
if the job goes through it’s yours
all is well, fast quotes, good prices and quality springs
but mainly it’s the fast quotes and daniel does very good,
tell him that you are impressed with his work
Industrial Valves “

“all is well
no problems
the last quote daniel z. did in about two hours
excellent service
i like it

J.D. W.
Specialty Valves”


We have been impressed with the response to quoting by Katy Spring, and are putting more effort into getting more opportunities for you.

Bill T


“I thought you were awesome
Marcia N. Component Distribution”

LARRY S Actuators

Katy Spring is an outstanding supplier for these and many other items. During my 12 years at ___they had only a couple of NCR’s and they shipped tens of thousands of springs to ____ every quarter.

A Quote from out QC Manager. J
Valve Manufacturer


Big compliment on the fast response. Thank you again.

Yuh L

Advanced Technical Products”

Hello Scott,

Please let me give you a small about of background of myself. I figure this will help you understand some of the kind of clients you have be dealing with.

First, I am a calibration tech. I understand calipers, micrometer, multimeters, o’scopes and such. I can use measurement devices that can read in the parts per million. When it comes to springs, I know very little. So finding information about what I needed was not available to me until I had called your company. I found your company during a Google search. When I called Mark, I explained my level of knowledge and he made it so simple for me. This is the kind of company’s I like to find. The kind that knows how to make it simple without making me feeling stupid.

When I was finally able to send in some samples, he was able to make some drawings of the springs so we had no misunderstanding as to what I was looking for. Once approved, it did not take as long as I thought it would to get the parts I needed in. The springs are working first time without any changes. Big +

I know that my order was small potatoes and that there is little chance of ordering the same springs again due to the age of the tools, but I do know that if E____ Elec. needs to find some springs who to call.

I have already used some of the springs you sent me.
If this is the way you treat all of your customers, I can see your company being around for a long time

John S. Maintenance Services

“Dear Mark,

Thank you for your explanation, and I am very impressed with your attitude.

The springs are perfect for our requirements, and in my opinion, are exceptional value. Finding just what you need for an 80 year old vehicle is not always this successful.

Therefore, I will NOT require any amount of refund to have overall satisfaction with this transaction. However, thank you for offering.

I look forward to any future transactions, and to giving your company the highest recommendations to others.

Sincerely, Robert B.
Antique Auto Restoration Australia”

“We got it, I changed are internal system to Katy spring. You will receive automated RFQ from G____ at some point in the future. You guys are awesome.”

Charles M

“Katy Spring always does a great job for us- excellent products & customer service.”

Beth H.
Mechanical Services

“Thank you For Your Prompt Service”

Augie R.
Chemical Processing

“I would like to express how much of a pleasure it is dealing with Mark and Casey.
You have a very good team.

Thank you,

Nick K.
Engineering Consultant”


I’ll be ordering some springs this week. Casey was a huge help.


“Thanks again for your help. Out of four Spring MFG, I’ve sent emails to over the last week or so you’re the only one that replied.”


“Casey gives me great service. He is fast and I like fast. You guys also make very good springs for me. Po will go out early next week.

JDW Specialty Valves



Just a short note to tell you thanks for your help in designing this new spring for us. Your professionalism and knowledge made this project painless. You nailed this on the first go. We are now saving hours weekly because of this change. Thanks so much for making this go so fast. I wish all of our suppliers were this good. KUDOS to you! Keep up the good work. We’ll be back.

Best regards,
Chris J
Instrumentation Products

Hi Scott:
Gentlemen, I just wanted to send a huge thanks to you all for working so hard to get our rush delivery out so that we could make shipment for the end of the month! Your hard work and dedication on this is much appreciated!!!

Shelley C.
Pump company

When we needed springs manufactured last year, I found your company on the internet. My initial contact at the time was through Mark West, I believe, and talking to him felt he was a straight up type of guy on the phone. The quality of work we have received from Katy Spring has been top notch.

Robert I.
Gas and Electric Utilities

“We are pleased with the life of the recent purchase and plan to use your company on more springs in the future. It’s comforting to know that I can purchase these USA made products.”

Jeff C.,
Fastener Products

“If I receive future orders, Katy Spring will make the springs. This last order was excellent in quality! They assembled perfectly. “

Kyle B.,
Government Contract Machining

“Scott I’ve never worked with a supplier any better than Katy Spring in my 42 years in this business. You guys are the best and I recommend you whenever I have the opportunity unless it’s a competitor.”

Jeff M.,
Valve Manufacturing

“Scott The quote was very informative and you also got back with us the same day – Which was also impressive…you have no idea sometimes on how long we wait for Quotes to be returned – and we are usually dealing with a short window of time to have the Quote submitted… Thanks again..”

Display Products

“I found Katy in an internet search for springs. I contacted three other spring companies at the same time. I ended up with Katy since Jason was very responsive. This was the first time we bought springs and needed information which he provided quickly. Your prices were slightly better.”

Ike H.
Laminating Systems

“Hello Scott,,

I received my springs (PO# XXXX) a week or so ago. I have only been able to try a few but all appears to be great. I just wanted to thank everyone for the fast, courteous and professional way the whole process was handled. I have already recommended Katy Springs to another company and I also have other springs I am sending in for quotes. I very much appreciate Katy Springs philosophy of dealing with smaller orders. So many companies have forgotten the importance of customer relations, it is nice to find one who hasn’t. Scott please relay my thanks to your coworkers for me. Have a great day.”



One of our Project Engineers did a search for spring manufacturers via the internet. So far, we are very impressed with the response time, and we were able to get a small sample for our prototype stages in minimal lead time. The kickoff of our new project is moving along nicely and expected to gain full approval from out customer by the end of the month.”

Karen O.
Polymers Industry


Yes, I did receive the quote and it looks very favorable. I will say that we have received excellent service from Katy Spring and you guys have been very helpful in getting this project moving. We have tested our prototype with the springs you have provided and everything looks good. We anticipate production to commence within the next 6 months.”

Scott A.
Small Arms Manufacturer

“Mark, Jason, and Justin;

The new torsion springs you made for us are working great! I really appreciate how quickly you were able to get those springs to us and for all your help.”

Thank you,
Shaun F.
Maritime Systems & Sensors

“I want to thank you for the extraordinary effort you went to in manufacturing and shipping the springs of which we ran out. Your quick response and service were beyond our expectations. I wanted to sincerely thank you personally. Needless to say, your firm has made a very positive impression.”

Rob B.
Water Well Equipment Company

“As an ISO 9001 company, our quality standards demand high quality standards from our suppliers. In the years we have been using Katy Spring, their quality has been perfect – no rejections.”

Betty S.
Valve Mfg.

“Katy Spring is able to make something from nothing, and do it quickly.”

Donna C.
Valve Mfg.

“Katy Spring assisted our engineers with seal spring design, which helped greatly reduced the cost of our springs and reduced the lead time.”

John N.
Seal Mfg.

“Quality, trust, and loyalty has brought Katy Spring to Mexico.”

Jorge G.
Compressor/Pump Parts

“Our industry requires strict quality requirements. Katy Spring has passed the test over andover again.”

Stace S.
Aerospace Components

“We do business with Katy Spring because of their Can Do attitude.…THEY EXECUTE!!”

Brooks W.
Detention Hardware

“Katy Spring has jumped through hoops whenever we’ve asked them to.”

Jeff S.
Switch Gears

“We’re a job shop, and fast turn around is important to us. Katy Spring is able to adjust to our demands.”

Dave O.
Theft Security Devices

“Katy Spring’s Safety Stock Program for our high volume spring requirements, works well to help keep up with our continually fluctuating production demands.”

Ted B.
Consumer Products

“Service, quality, and competitive pricing with a personal touch.”

Tom K.
Aerospace Hardware
N. Carolina

“Due to the complexities, many spring companies have declined to make our product. Katy Spring successfully manufactures our difficult spring assemblies, and at the same time, reduces our process costs.”

Marty M.
Chemical Processing

“Katy Spring reduced our high volume spring costs by 60% the first year. In addition, lead times have been shortened, reducing inventory and increasing inventory turns.”

Elizabeth W.
Industrial and Agricultural Pumps

“I just wanted to thank you for a very quick turn around on this order. I inspected the critical features and they were right on the specs. It’s refreshing to find a company that is responsive, knows their stuff, and can deliver exactly what I wanted.”

Tom C.
Government Supplier, Fluid Control Instrumentation Products

“You guys amaze me with your turnaround time on quotes…”

James S.
Government Contracts

“I found Katy Spring using your web site. I was in search of a second source spring for an existing compression spring, as our sole-sourced supplier has been falling short on price and delivery of parts for new production. I found that Katy Spring had the capability for a quick turn-around of an exact replacement, and at a reasonable price.”

Jim T.
Semiconductor Testing Devices

“Got the quote from Mark and our Maintenance Manager was pleased.
I sent Mark an email with an order for 250 springs, just need to call him with credit card info. I found Katy Spring on the internet and the website was more userfriendly than any other so I went with it.”

Heather J.
Forest Products

“I received the torsion springs today, Thank you for the quick turn around!”

Bryan S.
Postal Equipment

Scott & Jack:

“I wanted to take a moment out of my busy day to let you both know I really appreciate you going the extra mile for our company! I was so impressed when you and your staff had the springs we ordered delivered early! I am also impressed with the service we have received from your company since we started doing business with you. Scott & Jack, the entire staff at Katy Spring & Mfg. is so professional! My hat is off to you all! Keep up the good work! ”

Laura S
Engineering Firm


We received the parts early am. Thanks for your help with the springs. Its a pleasure to work with someone as yourself that shows the sense of urgency to stop and help a customer. I’m sure this will be reflected in future project that will be going on at our facility.”

Mike W.
Speciality Metals

“Mark West has been super in helping me determine what I need for my product requirements. I am also impressed with the services of Justin Coble.”

Ray T.

“I used Yahoo™ to find your site. From there I reviewed your on-line catalog which I found user friendly enough to be able to decipher your part number system. This led to me calling James regarding some questions that I had. Because of his expertise and willingness to support us through the testing stage that we need to do in order determine our final spring spec. you guys got our business.”

Carl H.

“I googled compression springs and found yours and several other companies. Your websites was one of the most user friendly. The websites that do not have an online catalog where I can get a quick answer to see if they even have something close to what I need don’t hold my attention very long.”

Josh H.
Ordnance Works

Compression, Extension and Torsion Springs
Spring Manufacturer USA Katy Spring

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