DFARS (The Defense Federal Acquisition Regulations Supplement) requires certain goods, such as springs, to be manufactured in the U.S… The purpose of DFARS is to ensure an adequate supply of manufactured goods (like springs and wire forms) come form U.S. manufacturers and to avoid dependence on foreign manufacturers.

Recently, amendments to DFARS were enacted by Congress that required certain metals, purchased by the Department of Defense, to restrict spring materials to having certain chemical content which applied to spring manufacturers. These new enactments caused spring and wire form manufacturers, along with their wire vendors to meet the new U.S. government compliances for those spring components requiring DFARS. Katy Spring can assist customers in meeting DFARS compliances for a particular requirement. If the end user requires a spring to be DFARS compliant, Katy Spring along with Katy Spring wire vendors can assist with those DFARS requirements as well.

Spring manufacturers who do business with customer’s end users being the Department of Defense will have to comply with DFARS requirements. There will be challenges with higher spring material prices and longer spring material lead times for those spring components requiring DFARS.

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