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Bow Springs

Katy Spring serves the oil and gas industry by manufacturing custom bow springs. Below is a sample of Bow Springs used in the O&G industry, made out of inconel x-750.

Bow springs, also called simple beam springs and arc springs, are commonly manufactured from a flat bar or strip. The name is inspired by a metal strip that resembles a hunting bow and is formed with an arc at or near the center. It is supported on both ends with the force applied to the center of the arc.

We offer cantilever spring designs made from the same materials, but clamped on one end while force is applied to the other end. We also offer straight and spiral bow spring designs. Edge style plays an important role based on the application.


  • Square edge
  • Round edge
  • Milled
  • Precision machined
Houston Bow Springs
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Bow Springs Houston
Ordering Custom Bow Springs

Katy Spring professionals can provide the proper dimensions and edge for your product. We design and manufacture a wide variety of cantilever and flat form products such as bow and leaf springs. We offer spring design and engineering services and have the highest caliber of customer care.

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