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Conical Springs

Conical springs are a type of compression spring, the most common metal spring configuration. The coil diameters of this type of spring are variable, but are generally tapered and more laterally stable. They are less likely to buckle due to an outer diameter that grows over the length of the spring. Such springs have lower solid heights because the springs nest upon compression.

Open-coil helical springs are wound or constructed to oppose compression along the axis of wind. Generally, these coil springs are either placed over a rod or fitted inside a hole. When you put a load on a compression coil spring and make it shorter, it pushes back against the load to return to its original length. Compression springs offer resistance to linear compressing forces (push), and are in fact one of the most efficient energy storage devices available. The cone shape provides near constant spring rates.


conical compression springs



Ordering Custom Conical Springs

The basic information needed by Katy Spring is material, wire size, free length, number of coils, travel, diameter, end types, finish, works over, works in, and maximum solid height. It is crucial to carefully consider the space allotted to ensure that the spring will function properly and avoid costly design changes. Katy Spring can assist customers in determining design parameters if only partial data is available.

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