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Katy Spring manufactures spring clips and affiliated products that come in all shapes and sizes. They are commonly made of steel and various alloys and have many different uses. These clips function as fasteners that grip inserted components through spring tension. Metal spring clips, leaf spring clips, spring clip fasteners, clasps, catches, latches, clamps, flat springs and washers have applications that vary widely. For example, they are used in clothes pins and binder clips, and attach the penlight to your key chain, keep your distributor cap in place, keep your glove box securely closed, and even hold myriad wires in an electrical systems.

Steel clips provide strength, temperature resistance, and durability, and may be synthetically coated to protect the parts they contact. They are used in many industry sectors, including:

• Automotive
• Aeronautics
• Construction
• Textile
• Health Care
• Retail
• Sporting Goods

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Ordering Custom Spring Clips

The basic information needed by Katy Spring is material, wire size, free length, number of coils, travel, diameter, end types, finish, works over, works in, and maximum solid height. It is crucial to carefully consider the space allotted to ensure that the spring will function properly and avoid costly design changes. Katy Spring can assist customers in determining design parameters if only partial data is available.

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