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Torsion Spring

Two springs are considered difficult to manufacture in the spring manufacturing industry are flat torsion springs and double-body torsion springs. Flat torsion springs are made out of flat or rectangular-shaped sprint tempered wire. A double-body torsion spring if a left-hand wound and a right-hand wound torsion spring connected by the same wire. Double-body torsion springs are a single unit spring.  Throughout the years Katy Spring has manufactured more double-body torsion springs simply because there is a higher demand.  In the early days of Katy Spring, double-body torsion springs were made on a spring lathe where the spring wire was wrapped around an arbor manually leaving a straight, connecting piece in the middle to be hand formed later.
In modern day Katy Spring, double-body torsion spring are manufactured on CNC spring manufacturing equipment that requires longer set up times, but run faster and more accurate parts which can hold tighter tolerances.
Flat torsion springs require specialized tooling and torsion attachments for mechanical spring manufacturing equipment.  Katy Spring doesn’t make a lot of flat torsion springs, because the requirements and demand are low.  Flat torsion springs, like flat-wire compression springs put a lot of load in a small space. Katy Spring has on rare occasions wound flat torsion springs on a spring lather but only for very low volume requirement

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