Torsion Spring & Compression Spring: Fast response time is received by all who contact Katy Spring & MFG for torsion spring, compression spring, and wire form information and design services at (281) 391-1888.

When you check out the Katy Spring testimonial page on our website, you will see a long list of complements from satisfied customers that includes a variety of clientele who rave about the fast response time they received in dealing with our spring company so that their projects were able to proceed successfully on schedule.

Click on the links in this article to learn more about torsion springs, compression springs and wire forms of all types and materials to meet your unique requirements. We design and deliver custom springs that perfectly meet the specifications you need.

Compression Springs

Katy Spring has an extensive online catalog of compression springs; torsion springs many other springs in stock, in addition to the custom spring manufacturing and design services we offer.

Compression springs are efficient energy storage devices and offer resistance against linear compressing forces. Compression springs are utilized in cellular telephones, automotive engines, medical devices, large stamping presses, major appliances and lawn mowers, to name but a few of the applications for compression springs.

Torsion Springs

Torsion springs exert a rotary force, AKA a torque force. Dependent upon your application needs, the torsion springs manufactured and delivered by Katy Spring can be designed to work in a counter clockwise or in a clockwise rotation that will help determine the wind’s direction. Torsion springs are utilized in tailgates, clothespins, garage doors and in many other applications as well.

Contact Katy Spring & MFG today at (281) 391-1888 for all of your formed metal and wire component needs! Experience a very fast response time when requesting design information regarding torsion spring, compression spring, and other formed metal components, because superior customer service is the Katy Spring way.

Fast response, fast delivery, reduced prices and top of the line quality springs are all included when you call Katy Spring today. It’s our business to help your business succeed!

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