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Endless Varieties of Shapes, Materials and Functions

Flat spring manufacturers form flat springs from flat, strip, spring material that are produced with either squared or rounded edges. They are considered flat springs because they are made from flat stock spring steel and perform like coil springs, storing and releasing energy.

Because a flat spring may perform any number of functions, there are infinite possibilities for flat spring design. This is why flat springs normally require special tooling. Flat spring tooling can be complex or simple. Depending on the design of the flat spring, the flat spring tolerances specified, and the quantity required. Because of these variables, check with the spring manufacturer to make sure the flat spring design is cost efficient and sensible to manufacture.

When flat spring material is blanked or stamped a burr may occur which can be removed by tumbling. This may not be a good operation for all flat springs such as small, thin flat spring parts. Sometimes it is possible to control the flat spring burr so it will not interfere with the flat spring application.

Additional Flat Spring Design Information

It is a good practice on flat spring design to provide liberal radii on corners and formed bends. It is also good to provide sufficient length in these bends to eliminate unnecessary secondary operations. Also, keep all holes well away from edges and bends.

Flat springs begin as an annealed spring strip material and are hardened after forming. Flat springs can also be made from hardened spring strip which is then stress relieved. Because most flat spring is hardened after forming, Flat spring design typically uses commercial stamping tolerances as a guide. Special flat spring manufacturing processes, like spring manufacturing jigs and fixtures, can aid in holding very tight tolerances.

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