Wire Forms

Medical Wire Forming

Katy Spring is proud to manufacture wire forms and provide medical wire forming services to the health care, medical and dental industries. Our technology makes wire forming and bending a relatively quick process when compared to hand bending or air […]

MP35N® Spring Wire – Super Alloy

Katy Spring offers  super-alloys such as MP35N, Hastelloy, Elgiloy, Inconel, and many others.   To learn more contact us at 281-391-1888 or visit our website https://www.katyspring.com/   MP35N® is a non-magnetic Cobalt- Nickel-Chromium-Molybdenum alloy having an excellent combination of very high strength, excellent corrosion […]

.062 music wire form mechanical seals

.062 music wire form mechanical seals Several methods to manufacture wire forms are used depending on the size of the part and quantity run. Secondary operations, bending, drilling, tapping, machining, welding, heat treating, grinding are used for short-run quantities. Fourslide, multislide, stamping, […]