Katy Spring proudly serves the energy sector with high-quality oil and gas springs manufacturing. Our extension springs and torsion springs set the standard for design expertise, process development, service and quality control for a wide range of precision springs, tubing and wire forms, bow springs, slip springs, and unique assemblies for the oil and gas industry.

We constantly improve the designs and materials of our springs in the ever-growing demand for oilfield drilling products, specifically with vibration equipment, counter balance solutions, and oilfield drilling and exploration components for gas turbines and steam turbines. We specialize in oil and gas springs materials that withstand the harshest down-hole and oil rig environments.

Oil and Gas Springs Manufacturing

Oil and Gas Springs

Extension Springs With Special Ends

Our manufacturing facility in Katy, TX is the primary location for the development and manufacturing of custom-designed products for the energy and oil and gas markets. With our large inventory of specialty raw materials, we can bring new custom tubing, strip, and wire form products to market quickly. We carry the right materials for the most demanding requirements, with an emphasis on engineering and metallurgy, specialty metals and exotic materials that meet specific performance and industry requirements.

Our expert design engineers and highly skilled workers have vast experience in providing the technical expertise required by all oil exploration and services companies. We talk with our customers one-on-one from conception through completion to understand and meet their needs and to solve any issues, especially with complex applications, product needs, quality assurance requirements, and custom orders. You can expect competitively priced, high-quality parts and customer service without parallel.

We are an ISO 9001 certified facility and adhere strictly to these guidelines, and take great pride in our ability to deliver high-quality American-made products at competitive prices. Our engineers will work with you to find the best solution and highest quality products for your project.

Contact Katy Spring today, and we’ll gladly assist with your oil and gas springs order.

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