Picking a spring with the proper action, material, and feel can be critical to the success of a medical device.

Choosing or designing the right spring is especially critical when it comes to medical devices.

Springs can be used on various medical devices including; x-ray machines, bed lifts, and drug cabinet dispensers and surgical devices.

Here are some things to keep in mind when choosing the right design or spring.

Choose the right configuration;

  1. Compression Springs – for compression force
  2. Extension Springs – for pulling forces
  3. Torsion Springs – for torque forces
  4. Flat Springs – for applications where the above will not work in the application
  5. Wire can run as low as .003″, most spring coilers can manufacture starting at .007″
  6. Material types for medical springs are many times stainless steel. Carbon steel generally has better spring properties, but is typically used is an environment that is non-corrosive or a non-sterile environment.

Other consideration;

Sometimes when testing a device, especially a medical tool using a spring, feel is important. The spring manufacturer can assist with designing the feel desired in a medical device using a spring.

Additionally, spring manufacturers can assist with design and all the components of spring design including; spring ends, size envelope, weight of the spring, movement, trap and tolerances, cost-saving input, and much more.

There’s typically more than one solution to solving a spring problem. Leave it to the spring experts to help guide medical designers in finding their unique solution.

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