magazine springs manufacturing

An example of our .032 thick 1095 trigger springs

Katy Spring is your custom wire form company, specializing in magazine springs manufacturing for the gun & ammo sector. Our magazine springs hold shells under pressure as bullets, cartridges or rounds are inserted into the chamber of a wide range of firearms.

Note the zig-zag appearance in the photo to the right, an example of our .032 thick 1095 magazine springs. These types of magazine springs are actually compression or recoil springs. A compression spring has oval or rectangular shaped coils.

Some refer to these products as magazine catch springs.

magazine springs manufacturing

Other Wire Form Magazine Springs

To the left is another example of a firearm spring used in the gun and ammo industry, designed for single stack magazines using rectangular type springs available for popular pistol calibers.

Our magazine springs manufacturing includes accessories that help ensure reliability. We also manufacture custom parts (and more) for tactical and competent performance.

Katy Spring produces gun and firearm springs with precision, always according to spec and at the highest tolerance requirements. Our customers in the spring and metal form market deserve quality and dependability, and we deliver to their satisfaction. Learn more about our exemplary products, packing and delivery options below.

In addition to our design assistance, secondary capabilities and finishing operations, we also offer an extensive variety of packaging options. Custom packaging and reinforced packaging allows for faster assembly by the end-user and reduces the possibility of part distortion during transit and handling.

Let Us Assist You With Your Order

Katy Spring specializes in innovative engineering, cutting edge design, and measurable statistical performance capabilities for mission-critical functions and magazine springs manufacturing. Our qualified professionals can answer your magazine spring-related questions and provide a quote for services.

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